Friday, January 2, 2015

Repeat Tweets: St Louis Police Upset

Repeat tweets from December, 2014:

  • Dec 1 2014: Headline: "St Louis police upset over Rams players' Ferguson protest." THAT is why they're upset? Not for shooting an unarmed black teen?
  • Dec 1 2014: Headline: "GOP staffer quits after backlash to her criticism of Obama daughters." I was wrong. There IS a limit to the shit GOPers can say.
  • Dec 2 2014: Final: Jesuit 59, Berkner 53. #txhshoops
  • Dec 5 2014: MT @JustinWolfers: "this year, the economy has added 2.65 million jobs, more than any year since 1999." GOP blames Obamacare. Or Malia.
  • Dec 5 2014: Somm (2012): Quest to pass the Master Sommelier exam (in Dallas) that almost everyone fails. I'll never make fun of wine tasters again. B-

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Dec 7 2014: The Big 12: "One True Champion." We're just not going to tell you who it is. Everyone's a winner. And because of that... no one is. #CFP
  • Dec 9 2014: Poetry (2010): Korean grandmother struggles with poetry as her life falls apart. Quiet desperation with dignity. Moving. With justice. B-
  • Dec 9 2014: MT @Richardson_News: "9 Texas cities with a population of 100,000+ have passed some LGBT nondiscrimination rules." But not Richardson. :-(
  • Dec 9 2014: MT @SenTedCruz: "Democrats are scoring political points instead of keeping America safe." Cruz said this? The irony gods are dying laughing.
  • Dec 11 2014: Dead Man (1995): Early Johnny Depp as William Blake on the run in the Old West. Quirky as all get out. Everyone is stranger than Depp. B+
  • Dec 12 2014: Fruitvale Station (2013): Unarmed black man shot by cop. Based on a true story, but politics aside, it's the drama that's compelling. A-
  • Dec 16 2014: The World's End (2013): Think a cross between The Hangover and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But good. Craziest pub crawl ever. B-
  • Dec 17 2014: Altman (2014): Documentary of the genre-busting director who reinvented film making. Hit or flop, an Altman film was always must see. B-
  • Dec 17 2014: MT @DonMcLeroy: "It would classify me as an evolutionary skeptic!" Then it fails. No evidence would convince you. That's a denier.
  • Dec 17 2014: Another youthful myth shattered: I used to think Americans condemned torture.
  • Dec 18 2014: Lila, by Marilynne Robinson: Simple girl marries old preacher and they school each other on religion. No plot but indelible characters. B-
  • Dec 19 2014: Print the Legend (2014): Documentary of startups in 3D printing. The dream, growing pains, falling out, competition, lawsuits. Well told. B-
  • Dec 22 2014: Book of Strange New Things, by Michel Faber: Christian Sci-Fi. Simplistic religion. Dreadful science. Gets better as plot thickens. C-
  • Dec 23 2014: Headline: "The Case for Tearing Down Urban Freeways." Perversely, Dallas is not tearing down, it's building more.
  • Dec 26 2014: Frank (2014): Band led by eccentric with large fake head goes to SXSW. Quirky as it sounds. Unlikable characters but ultimately touching. C+
  • Dec 29 2014: Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn: Wife missing, husband suspected. He-said, she-said. Formulaic until it isn't. Improves as it goes over the top. B+
  • Dec 29 2014: "The big enchilada is Texas; so how big a deal will the oil slump be there? Pretty big." Prepare for school cutbacks.
  • Dec 31 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the Kim Kardashian of economic indicators: other much better alternatives, but famous for being famous.
  • Dec 31 2014: TCU is sticking it to #CFBplayoff powers who think a four-team playoff solves the problem. Can't move to an eight team playoff soon enough.

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