Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Repeat Tweets: Stefani Carter Says Goodbye

Repeat tweets from November, 2014:

  • Nov 2 2014: "I lost my seat, partly because my consultants encouraged me to run for higher office." Stefani Carter, taking ownership for poor decisions.
  • Nov 10 2014: Shouldn't Dallas Morning News say somewhere that Richardson Real Heroes is a product of a political action committee? yourrichardson.dallasnews.com
  • Nov 10 2014: "Are The Concerns About Water Fluoridation Legit?" Short answer: No. fivethirtyeight.com
  • Nov 10 2014: Headline: "The Chicago Bears are dead. The Green Bay Packers killed them." Almost as satisfying as a Super Bowl win. ftw.usatoday.com

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Nov 12 2014: Just received an email congratulating me on registering with "India’s no. 1 Online Rummy Portal." Apparently, that's a thing.
  • Nov 12 2014: MT @PublicCitizenTX: "New U.S.-China climate deal is a game changer." One less excuse for climate change deniers. Grist.org
  • Nov 12 2014: Headline: "McConnell 'distressed' at US-China climate pact." Distressed that Obama might get credit in enlisting China to help save planet.
  • Nov 13 2014: Grand Budapest Hotel (2014): Quirky. Eccentric hotelier, murder, inheritance battle, art theft, fascists. Lots of cameos. Works for me. B-
  • Nov 13 2014: Headline: "Craft Lands on Speeding Comet." As opposed to what? A stationary comet? Everything in space is "speeding."
  • Nov 14 2014: "DART's original sin was getting in bed with its suburban partners." More suburb bashing by Dallas Observer. blogs.dallasobserver.com
  • Nov 14 2014: Pearson does the right thing. McGraw-Hill still panders to anti-science conservatives. Which will Texas SBOE choose? grist.org
  • Nov 15 2014: Wisconsin 59, Nebraska 24. Welcome to the Big Ten, Huskers. Never gets old. #Badgers
  • Nov 17 2014: MT @SenTedCruz: "A simple message: #DontMessWithTheNet!" Yes. We need net neutrality to keep AT&T, Comcast, etc, from messing with the net.
  • Nov 18 2014: The Missing Picture (2013): Depiction of life under Khmer Rouge using clay figurines. Jarring, haunting, but figures lessen the horror. C+
  • Nov 19 2014: MT @WayneSlater: "TX AG-elect Ken Paxton violates securities regs, fraud charge at firm. Huh?" Keep repeating: voters aren't stupid.
  • Nov 19 2014: MT @DonMcLeroy: "America is a Biblical Nation." And the Pope is its President for Life. (And Texas doesn't teach proper capitalization.)
  • Nov 19 2014: MT @SenTedCruz: "If POTUS ignores the people..." If only there were some way for the people to say who they want as POTUS.
  • Nov 20 2014: Jobs (2013): One sick asshole. To family, friends, employees. Does design genius make up for it? Movie doesn't answer. Or even try. C+
  • Nov 20 2014: Headline: "Steelers sign RB LaDarius Perkins to their practice squad." I knew that he was too good not to be in NFL. Twitter
  • Nov 20 2014: Jim Webb for...Vice President???
  • Nov 21 2014: MT @lmcgaughy: "Houghton Mifflin withdraws 8th grade govt textbook from consideration; refused to include Moses." Kudos to HM. Boos to SBOE.
  • Nov 21 2014: Headline: "House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories." Oh, no!!! The GOP-controlled House is now part of the Dem's conspiracy.
  • Nov 22 2014: MT @WayneSlater: "Texas Railroad Commission makes info avail to industry, but not the public." Quit electing these people, voters.
  • Nov 23 2014: MT @WayneSlater: "Republican Sen Jeff Flake, asked about Benghazi report, says time for GOP 'to move beyond that.'" Maybe apologize first.
  • Nov 25 2014: Burt's Buzz (2013): Man behind the lip balm. Unambitious man lives alone in the woods. Icon not tycoon. Movie never gets below surface. C+
  • Nov 25 2014: Boys high school basketball final: Coppell 64, Berkner 78. First home game. It's a great time to be a Ram! #txhshoops
  • Nov 26 2014: "After six years it’s becoming hard not to notice that the anti-Keynesians have been wrong about everything." krugman.blogs.nytimes.com
  • Nov 26 2014: MT @DonMcLeroy: "Evolution, the idea that all life is descended from a common ancestor, is a false idea." He once served on the Texas SBOE.
  • Nov 26 2014: Headline: "Obama defends legal authority to pardon turkeys." Yes, partisan politics has reached such depths that this headline is real.
  • Nov 27 2014: The Worst Hard Time, by Timothy Egan: Survivors of the Dust Bowl, the worst environmental disaster. Texas history with lessons for today. B-
  • Nov 29 2014: Now is Good (2012): Girl with cancer and a bucket list touches lives despite her hard exterior. Formulaic. Checks every tear-jerker box. C+
  • Nov 29 2014: Given chance to change history, some say they'd save Lincoln or stop Hitler. I'd find a way to stop the composer of Little Drummer Boy.
  • Nov 30 2014: Final: Green Bay Packers 26, New England Patriots 21. R-E-L-A-X.

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