Thursday, December 4, 2014

OTBR: The Devil's Bread in the Czech Republic

Latitude: N 49° 06.066
Longitude: E 015° 13.356

A child on a road trip with his family asks, "Where are we?" and the father answers, "Let's check the map. We're off the blue roads [the Interstate Highways marked in blue on the road atlas]. We're off the red roads [the US and state highways]. We're off the black roads [the county highways]. I think we're off the map altogether." It was always my dream to be off the map altogether.

After the jump, a few of the random places (and I mean random literally) that I visited vicariously last month that are "off the blue roads".

  • in a forest in the Czech Republic near a grouping of boulders named the "Devil's Bread"
  • off a very narrow, paved, unmarked road off of Maryland Road 26 across the road from several very large rocks
  • in a yard in Germantown, Illinois, where a cooker blowing smoke was located ("We wondered if some nice turkey was being smoked for Thanksgiving")
  • on a smooth dirt road providing access to power lines in the desert north of Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • just off the Arroyo Seco Parkway (aka the Pasadena Freeway), the oldest freeway in the western United States
  • in a paddock west of Geelong, Victoria, full of various curious sheep
  • 20m from the sea on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia, among some junipers and reed in a coastal meadow
  • in Maryland, on a ridge line deep in the woods about 76 meters off of the Appalachian Trail
  • on the 10-mile long on Chouteau Island in the Mississippi River, variously farmland, forest and the occasional building, with a bikeway that runs along the top of the levee
  • out of reach in South Australia's Monarto Zoo
  • on the northern edge of the Heritage Golf and Country Club in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia, surrounded by a gated community with many beautiful mansions
  • out of reach in Virginia's James River, maybe reachable from a stone jetty, which unfortunately is marked private property and no trespassing
  • an easy drive-by in Nevada's Lake Mead National Recreation Area
  • in Victoria's Muckleford Nature Conservation Area northwest of Melbourne, along a dirt track with potholes filled with rain from a recent deluge
  • in a snow-covered hay field in Wisconsin
  • directly on the train tracks at Germany's Köln-Porz-Wahn station
  • and on the side of Fern Canyon in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just west of Las Vegas, Nevada ("The hardest part of this dash was choosing which three photos to upload!")

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