Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

  • Young Women's Christian Association: For years, the YWCA operated a recreation center at Collins Blvd and Plano Rd in Richardson. I don't remember the neighborhood having any beef with that. The YWCA shut down and sold the property a number of years ago.
  • Town North Presbyterian Church: For years, TNPC has operated a church on Plano Rd north of Collins Blvd. This August, a zoning change was requested and granted to allow TNPC to sell part of their church property to someone who plans to construct an assisted living center on it. Again, no beef from the neighborhood. No one spoke against allowing this residential addition to the neighborhood.

After the jump, the third thing.

  • Turquoise Center: Years ago, this Turkish Community Center purchased the former YWCA building on Collins Blvd and has been operating a community center at the site. However, the special permit granted to the YWCA expired with the sale of the property. Now, the Turquoise Center is requesting its own special permit for a community center, to include assembly uses and temporary lodging, for the Turkish community. Facilities for classrooms and temporary lodging would be housed in a new building to be constructed adjacent to the existing one.

The YWCA and TNPC never met any neighborhood resistance. The Turquoise Center is meeting all kinds of resistance. More than two dozen people wrote letters of opposition to the city. A like number plan to show up at the City Plan Commission public hearing. Why the different receptions to these three community organizations? What makes one thing not like the others? That is the question.

All back up to residential neighborhoods.

All offer similar community services, including classes of various kinds.

TNPC added new education buildings and now plans to add a large group residential home. The Turquoise Center plans to add a smaller building with rooms suitable for classes and/or temporary lodging.

All have some religious purpose. YWCA and TNPC are Christian. The Turquoise Center is...not.

Which one of these things is not like the others? See if you can figure it out.


wife25 said...

When the person who runs the Turkish Center gives different stories to different people his credibility comes into question, especially when his own architect questions whether he is telling the truth or not. And when one of those comments referenced using the center to house refugees, I can understand why the neighborhood is up in arms.

Mark Steger said...

Turkish center in Richardson withdraws plans to expand. In return, City Plan Commission approves a special permit to continue operating as they have been.
Non-Turkish neighbors 1, Turkish community 0.