Monday, July 7, 2014

Touring Arlington Garden in Pasadena

From 2014 06 16 Arlington Garden

While visiting southern California for the Caltech commencement ceremony, Ellen and I took the opportunity to tour Arlington Garden in Pasadena. It's a hidden gem, tucked away in a residential neighborhood, no signs, no parking lot, just a small neighborhood park. But what a park. If you find yourself in Pasadena with an hour to spare and wonder what to do, do yourself a favor and visit.

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Arlington Garden is unique among all open public places in Pasadena. There is simply no place else like Arlington Garden in Pasadena, or elsewhere in the San Gabriel Valley. Its Italian style olive allee, numerous succulent and cactus gardens, an Arroyo Seco like pathway flanked by sycamores leading to a vernal pool, orange grove laid out in grids like historical California orange groves, paths and benches set throughout plant communities, and its “surprises around every corner,” make Arlington Garden an indescribable Pasadena landmark which has to be visited if it is to be appreciated.

From 2014 06 16 Arlington Garden

From 2014 06 16 Arlington Garden

All of our photos from our visit to Pasadena's Arlington Garden can be seen on Google Photos.

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