Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cruising the Inside Passage

From 2014 06 30 Inside Passage

The Inside Passage of British Columbia and Alaska is stunning. That is, if you can see it. It all depends on the weather and time of day. Cruise ships time their departure from Vancouver based on when the tides will be favorable to transit the Seymour Narrows, where the passage squeezes to less than a half mile. Unfortunately for us, that meant much of our own trip through the Inside Passage of British Columbia occurred in the middle of the night, depriving us of the best scenery. In the morning, safely out of the passage and into open water, we were able to see the pilot transfer boat arrive to take off the pilot who guided us through the night. Then it was a day at sea before reaching the Inside Passage of Alaska and our first port of call.

Oh well, there are other things to do on a cruise ship than watch the scenery go by. I learned that cruise ships have a language all their own. For example, on land "brunch" is the meal that combines breakfast and lunch. On cruise ships "brunch" is the meal *between* breakfast and lunch.

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From 2014 06 30 Inside Passage

All photos from our day at sea in the Inside Passage can be seen on Google Photos.

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