Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Richardson is Going to the Dogs

The City of Richardson continues to move towards the construction of a dog park, an amenity that residents have long advocated for (along with a skate park, which isn't going anywhere, but let's focus on the positive here). The park is slated to go under the overpass of the President George Bush Turnpike just west of US 75.

The last time I wrote about this, I said whoever came up with the location for this park was a genius. A dog park is an amenity everybody agrees would be a good idea, just not in my backyard. And unused land under a freeway overpass is a waste that isn't good for anything.

The thing is, dogs are hard wired to chase cars, remember? Dogs don't care about traffic. For them, millions of cars whizzing by just out of reach is a feature of this location, not a liability.

After the jump, what's the point of this post today?

Like I said, it had to be someone who came up with this location. The idea didn't just magically appear on some planning document. Whoever first said, "Hey, how about sticking it under the highway?" deserves recognition. And maybe a bonus. Made "Top Dog" for the day, at least.

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Sassy Texan said...

I am hearing that the restrooms for the dog park will connect into Plano's sewer system. Assuming there will be a monthly cost to that.