Monday, April 28, 2014

Lightning Strikes at School Board Candidates Forum

The League of Women Voters of Richardson and the Richardson ISD Council of PTAs jointly hosted a forum for school board candidates Thursday night at the RISD Administration Building.

The candidates for school board trustee are:
Place 6 - Justin Bono, Rachel Chumney.
Place 7 - Kristin Kuhne, Judy A. Yarbrough, Bonnie Abadie.

The election is May 10. Early voting begins April 28.

The full video of the forum is available on the LWV's website. Watch it. Or just read my take on what was most important, or entertaining, or both. It's your choice. It's a free country.

Many interesting questions were quickly disposed of in a so-called lightning round, when nine questions were asked and the candidates were restricted to giving yes/no answers. When all candidates answer the same way, you're going to have to look elsewhere to find a reason to differentiate the candidates. But when some say yes and some say no, you just might be onto something. Maybe.

Of the questions that the candidates were given 90 seconds to answer, there were a few sound bites that I felt were worth highlighting.
There were more questions, so again, I urge you to watch the video of the whole forum before making up your mind about how to vote. As for me, I won't be saying at this time for whom I'll be voting, but a few, not all, of these questions and answers can't help but influence me when I do step inside the voting booth. Guess which ones.

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