Monday, January 20, 2014

Stefani Carter's Friends are Few, But Rich

When last we looked, Stefani Carter appeared to be short of friends and money. Enough so that she decided to drop her bid for Railroad Commissioner and come back to Richardson to try to keep her District 102 House seat.

After the jump, a new look look at Carter's friend list.

Carrying water for the oil and gas industry didn't get Stefani Carter much love in her bid for Railroad Commissioner, but it looks like it's paying off big time in her bid for re-election to House District 102. Her oil and gas friends may be few in number, but they are rich. And for some reason they seem awfully interested in what Carter can do for her constituents back home in Richardson. Or maybe they are more interested in what Carter can do for them in Austin. You decide.

Anyway, according to The Dallas Morning News, Carter has raised more money than any of her opponents. Her oil and gas money all by itself is more than the totals reported by any of her opponents.

By the way, Carter just might have another friend, one who has caught the attention of Tim Rogers of D Magazine. Carter's campaign war chest is apparently big enough that she can afford to use campaign funds to pay someone whom Rogers suspects just might have been Stefani's boyfriend. She also managed to get the full Texas House to pass a resolution commending her friend for his unspecified work in House District 102. Nice work, if you can get it.

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