Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jared Patterson Sides with Terrorists

Jared Patterson sides with terrorists against the President.

What? Too much? Is that headline over the top? Inflammatory? Divisive? Juvenile? Yes, to all of the above. You'd hope that political discourse would be more respectful, searching for areas to work together to solve problems. You'd certainly hope that our would-be elected officials would set a good example. You'd be wrong.

Jared Patterson is running for Texas House District 112. He's a former Sachse city council member and is now seeking to replace Angie Chen Button in the Texas House. But he seems to be running more against President Obama than against Button. He's got a bit of a case of Obama Derangement Syndrome. He takes more cheap shots against the President than tell us how he'd solve problems with education, health care, water and transportation here in Texas.

After the jump, the Jared Patterson Facebook post that inspired the headline.

Jared Patterson lifts a snarky line from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and uses it himself without attribution. (Ironically, Rand Paul has been guilty of plagiarism himself.) Anyway, here's the Rand Paul quote that Patterson appropriated and posted to his own Facebook timeline. Pay particular attention to the comments -- these are the voters Patterson is courting. If you think our political discourse can't get any more poisonous, watch what happens if Jared Patterson is rewarded with a seat in the Texas House.

Jared Patterson: Do you trust the president when he says that if you like your privacy you can keep it? I sure don't!

K. C.: I don't trust anything he says.

J. P.: I would comment but he's going to see it.

C. H.: No!!!!!!

J. H.: Of course I don't. However, all he is doing in this instance is maintaining the status quo . Our government has been spying on us for decades, and it got much, much worse when GWB and Congress passed the PATRIOT Act, way before Obama was around. That being said, I do trust that you will do what you can to preserve and give us back our freedom and privacy!

A. J.: do something about it. at the rate its going we'll need to show papers to go get grocery's!

T. L.: Yeah we've heard that before...

M. F.: Like our health insurance?

C. H. Y.: Absolutely not! He is guilty of treason! We impeached Clinton for much less!

R. B.: NO!!

H. E.: No way - I don't trust him with or about anything!!

T. K.: I don't trust that man with one ounce of me. As a matter of fact I call it the "Obama expect opposite of what I say act!

S. P.: Absolutely not. Telling lies is in his DNA and nothing that proceeds from his mouth can be trusted.
Source: Facebook.

J. H.'s comment is the answer to the Sesame Street question: which of these things is not like the others? J. H. has a better memory than Patterson and the others.

To be clear, I don't think Patterson sympathizes with terrorists, even when he takes cheap shots at the President's national security policies on fighting terrorism. It's just an unfortunate, unintended side effect.

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