Thursday, May 30, 2013

Experience with Racial or Religious Minorities

Question: What specific experiences have you had with RISD's racial, religious and/or non-English speaking minority communities?
Rachel Chumney: Well, um, that's kind of a challenging question because, um, well I am of a race and I am of a religion, so I have experience there. As far as different races and different religions and I don't know if you can remind me of the other specific categories or not. But I haven't had a whole lot of experience. We live in a little bubble.
A runoff election for Place 4 on the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees will happen on June 15 (early voting June 3-11 at Richardson Civic Center). The runoff is between incumbent Lanet Greenhaw and Rachel Chumney. I endorsed Lanet Greenhaw in the joint election on May 11. I endorse her again in the runoff. The question above is one reason why.

If you think that someone who describes herself as living in a "little bubble" inside the largest, most diverse school district in the state might not be ready to be school board trustee, then you might want to look beyond Rachel Chumney for a better candidate.

Look, Rachel Chumney is a nice enough person. She's just not qualified for school board. Don't rely just on the quote I found telling. Listen to Chumney's whole answer (starting 6:08). Then, compare with Lanet Greenhaw's answer (starting 8:31). No contest. Vote for Greenhaw.

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