Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Election Wrap: An Independent View

I received an email from a long-time Richardson resident, which contained a thoughtful analysis of Richardson's recent mayoral election. I am publishing the email in full, with the author's permission, after the jump.

Mr Steger,

Thank you for the information you've provided on your blog on the Richardson Mayoral election - I have been following this quite a bit and was pleased to see you provide information, good and bad about both candidates.

Being a 30+ year resident of Richardson, this election was a huge eye opener since I didn't realize this level of politics existed in our fair city. First of all, I believe Richardson is a GREAT place to live and the city services are OUTSTANDING. I cannot say enough good things about the police and fire departments.

I am usually not as politically "connected" but my involvement came about after meeting Amir last summer. Amir arranged a private tour of the Eisemann Center for friends of mine who were visiting from England (actually more like my adopted family with this relationship started when my father met this family while stationed in Plymouth England in 1944 during WW II). This tour was especially fitting since one of our guests (Josh Fedrick) had been the 13th Billy Elliot in the West End Production of this play. I was very impressed that Amir was a man of his word and that he talked the talk and walked the walk.

When we found out Amir was running for Mayor, I decided to repay the favor and the more I got to know about Amir the more I liked him. I am not a person who tries to force my opinion on others, especially on politics, so I found a good way to help and opened up my house for other neighbors to meet him. Another neighbor liked that idea so much that they hosted Laura on another day. So I got the unique experience to hear both candidates.

The more I heard from Amir, the more I liked him - he told you his plans - he gave you the background information and looked you straight in the eyes and answered some tough questions. Yes, he still was a politician but I liked what I saw.

When I went to hear Laura speak, I liked her too, but after much thought and discussion on what she said during this meeting, my perception was that she was not a leader (more a coordinator) and didn't give direct answers. She talked about all these people who supported her and all these committees she is on, but nothing on what she did within these committees or any clue of her actions to help maintain, change and improve the city. She was a good speaker, but it didn't contain much substance on how she was going to address issues like crime, rejuvenation of the older parts of Richardson, the HOV lanes on Central (no access for Richardson residents), promoting Richardson to grow and be a place people want to come to work and live in ...

The newsletter from the Richardson Coalition was huge eye opener and disappointment with their mudslinging and misleading information. They portrayed Laura as she had hung the moon and Amir was lower than dirt. Interesting that the man who they supported for Council before was so worthless now. They used seeds of facts to trick people into thinking the worse. I will never trust anything I get from the Richardson Coalition without major fact finding on my own.

I fully understood your backing Laura since she could work better with the rest of the Council and that Amir would have his work cut out for him. Change is not always easy and can be scary, but sometimes we need a fresh approach to make progress and be progressive. I still maintain that Amir would be more of a leader (yes a maverick) whereas Laura will be more of a political puppet in my humble opinion.

Richardson has done well in the past being a great city, so I am hoping for the best for this city going forward. I am also hoping that our leaders and PAC's learn some lessons from this election. And my eyes have been opened to the politics at even the lower levels of our city and state.

Anyway, to wrap up I do appreciate your information that you have written about in your blog and I have learned a lot and like your perspective on the situation.

Phil Z

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Sassy Texan said...

A very fair and truthful disclosure.

And though you may think there was no usefulness in the direct election campaign, I thank Mr North for stepping forward and offering an opportunity the Council refused to address. There is a message in that. Remember what Mr Dunn's comments were about the topic?

And though Amir is not our Mayor, light has been shed on the Coalitionists and the putrid control they bring to this community. More people are aware.

Cheri Duncan-Hubert