Monday, October 8, 2012

CashAmerica and Pete Sessions - Update

Cash America

Last January, I blogged that Congressman Pete Sessions' biggest campaign contributor was CashAmerica, "a big payday lender, a practice sometimes accused of offering short-term loans with exorbitant fees and usurious interest rates to people who can least afford it."

After the jump, look who else is noticing.

Tod Robberson, editorial writer for The Dallas Morning News, took notice of the same thing.
[Sessions'] constituents owe it to themselves to question where he sets his priorities. And they should ask whether CashAmerica really has their best interests in mind when they set up shop in the neighborhood and when they pay big bucks into Sessions' re-election campaign.
Robberson followed this up with a much more detailed look at where all those payday loan businesses are located with respect to Pete Sessions' district. He also explained why CashAmerica might be so interested in gaining Pete Sessions' support:
If you want to know why CashAmerica would take such an interest in guys like Pete Sessions, read this very interesting story by Bloomberg about an effort by CashAmerica and other payday lenders to remove regulatory authority from state and local governments and place it in the hands of Congress. That is, into the hands of people like Pete Sessions.
CashAmerica and Pete Sessions. I noticed. Tod Robberson noticed. Bloomberg noticed. When will Sessions' constituents ever take notice?

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