Monday, June 11, 2012

Slicing and Dicing Richardson - An Update

Redrawing Richardson City Council district boundaries is required every ten years based on census results. Monday, the council will consider two alternatives from the Council District Boundary Commission. Following the presentation of the two maps, the council will schedule a public hearing. Official approval of new district boundaries has a July 30, 2012, deadline.

We've discussed this matter before in this space. After the jump, an update.

The number of alternatives under consideration has been whittled down from three to two (now called Option 2a and Option 3). The basic difference is that Option 3 largely maintains Richardson's four quadrants - NW, NE, SW, and SE. Option 2a wipes out the compass direction quadrants and draws four vertical districts each reaching from Richardson's northern boundary to southern boundary.

My preference? It really doesn't matter. Richardson's district boundaries have virtually zero impact on governance. All seven of Richardson's city council members are chosen at large. It doesn't matter where the district boundaries are, it doesn't matter where you live, you still get to vote for all seven council members, all seven council members still represent you.

But, if you force me to pick one, it would be option 3, with the four compass direction quadrants. Paraphrasing what I wrote previously:

Option #3 gives the better assurance that a council member will reside in each of the four quadrants. Option #2a carries with it the possibility of having all of the council members who represent districts 1-4 living *north* of Renner Rd. That's hardly geographically fair and equitable representation. It's unlikely to happen, but still possible. That's enough to eliminate option #2a for me.
Source: The Wheel.

Option #3 it is.

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