Friday, June 22, 2012

The Egg & I (but Mostly Someone Else)

The Egg and I is a new Richardson restaurant on Campbell Rd east of Central Expressway. From their website:
Favorites include our benedicts, omelettes, waffles and whole wheat pancakes. We also offer an assortment of non-egg dishes.
At lunch, you'll find creative sandwiches, entree salads and hearty, homemade soups. And if you want breakfast for lunch - no problem!
Source: The Egg & I.
After the jump, a review from an anonymous friend.

I had a GREAT experience! I thought the menu (breakfast; I didn’t look at lunch) was fairly broad, and had a very nice variety of traditional, dressed up (ie. pancakes/waffles with a variety of fruit, nuts, and toppings), Mexican, vegetarian, etc. I basically ate two meals just wanting to try things. My Parisian Benedict was excellent; as was my waffle with strawberries, bananas, and pecans.

The d├ęcor was comfortable and homey. Free WIFI. And I particular note the friendly service. In addition to my waiter, I could overhear two other waitresses working adjacent tables and all were over the top friendly and helpful. When my Parisian Benedict was delivered the waiter was very apologetic that one of the poached eggs had “broken”. The thing was covered with melted cheese and Hollandaise sauce. I couldn’t have told you if one of the eggs was broken if you had asked and given me time to explore; and the first thing I was going to do anyway was cut into it and “break” the eggs. But in about two minutes he brought me another poached egg, again with apologies.

So anyway, I give it a thumbs up for breakfast.
Source: Name withheld.

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