Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dallas Unveils World's Saddest Bike Sharing Program

From 2014 08 23 Chicago
"Dallas Unveils World's Saddest Bike Sharing Program." So says Eric Nicholson of the Dallas Observer. I don't have anything to add to his excellent Unfair Park blog piece on the deficiencies of Dallas's bike rental system available only in Fair Park. I just wanted to share my photo of Chicago's Divvy bikes. Ride on.

It turns out I do have something to add. After the jump.

While I agree that Dallas's lack of a citywide bike sharing program is worthy of criticism, I think the Fair Park effort is the wrong hook to hang that criticism on. What's sadder than the new Fair Park bike sharing program? A Fair Park without any bike sharing program. Fair Park is better off today, with a couple of bike racks available to the public for biking around Fair Park, than it was yesterday, when it didn't have that feature. Don't let the desire for a citywide system blind us to this minor improvement to Fair Park. Perfect is the enemy of the good.