Monday, July 1, 2024

Random Thoughts: AI-Generated News


2024-06-01: Today's example of irony: A news story about elections in India from a news source that uses a fountain pen for a logo and a motto of "Dare to Write" ends with this disclaimer: "This is AI generated news with no Human interference."

2024-06-01: MaryAnne Doty's comment: "Maybe it's time for Tree the Town to help replace all the mature trees we lost in Richardson this week."

2024-06-06: "All 5 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations in Dallas-Fort Worth close" - CultureMap Dallas
The pandemic, the writers/actors strikes, and probably most of all, the rise of streaming, all are combining to kill going to the movies.

2024-06-20: Headline: "New law requires all Louisiana public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments."
That's so old Testament. Why not require something Jesus said, like the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount? I think most people could get behind those, even Christians.

2024-06-22: Just yesterday, I was talking to someone about how revolutions turn on their own when they've defeated all their enemies. Today, I woke to this headline: "Indiana GOP Rejects Trump Lieutenant-Governor Pick for Extremist."

2024-06-22: Why economics shouldn't be taken too seriously: GDP "still misses what is priceless about life. Leaving a forest alone does nothing for G.D.P., but cutting it down for lumber shows up as a positive contribution."

2024-06-24: "The border seems designed more for posturing than for solutions." — George Packer

2024-06-25: "In the UK, 50,000 buildings a year are demolished, with the average age of a commercial building being around 40 years. “If I were a commercial building, I would have been killed 14 years ago,” [Thomas Heaterwick] says."
Me? 32 years ago.

2024-06-28: If the debate scoring system deducts points for lies told, Trump loses in a landslide. If you score it by who is more forceful, Trump wins. I'm afraid I know how voters will score it.

2024-06-28: If you award debate points for not answering questions, Trump wins in a landslide.

2024-06-28: So it's between the liar, crook, and sexual abuser on the one hand, and an old man on the other. It's not a tough call for me at all.

2024-06-28: @gentlyepigrams ...and they succeeded: "Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations to reopen in D-FW this summer."

2024-06-28: "The Supreme Court overturns Chevron doctrine. Scrapping the legal precedent could send a "convulsive shock" to decades of federal environmental, financial, and healthcare regulations."
SCOTUS says unelected judges should replace experts in regulatory agencies like EPA, FDA, etc. in implementing laws passed by Congress (emphasis on "experts"). I'm old enough to remember when conservatives didn't like unelected judges writing laws. Now it'll be their main job.

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