Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Mayor Pro Tem vs. The Coach

The City of Richardson has two candidates for mayor. They have different backgrounds. Their online campaigns emphasize those, illustrating the difficulty of reinventing yourself for electoral reasons. Instead, you try to put the best spin on the resume you have to work with.

One candidate is Janet DePuy. Her online campaign emphasizes her professionalism and deep experience in neighborhood, city, and regional governance. Ten years as neighborhood association president. Ten years on the City Plan Commission. Four years on City Council, serving as Mayor Pro Tem. Board member representing the City of Richardson on the North Texas Council of Governments, the Regional Transportation Council, and the Dallas Mobility Coalition. No need to reinvent. No need to polish. Just lay out the facts.

One candidate is Bob Dubey. His online campaign emphasizes his experience from the 1990s as a kids' football coach. The featured post on his campaign Facebook page is an announcement of an event called "Coach for Mayor — Reunion and Rally." In another post, Dubey says, "Alumni, we need your help. Looking for Coach Dubey sayings to use." I'm not an alumnus, but my children went to Berkner. The Rams lost a lot of games under Coach Dubey. I don't remember any of his own sayings, but I do remember a saying about Coach Dubey. During the very first Berkner game I attended, with the Rams backed up against their own goal line, Coach Dubey called an ill-advised play that resulted in an interception and a touchdown by the other team. A "pick six." I turned to a more experienced fan and asked, "What the heck was he thinking, calling a play like that in that situation?" He replied matter-of-factly, "We call that a Dubey." That was my introduction to Coach Dubey. Now Coach Dubey wants the voters to entrust him with calling the plays for the City of Richardson. If that happens, expect the expression "We call that a Dubey" to be heard again at City Hall.

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Momaly said...

Mark, it was good catching up with you Wednesday night. It's been too long - probably since Scott coached John in RSA baseball. Scott and I have only known Bob well since 2017 but the descriptions below are consistent with our observations.

I thought you and your readers would like to read comments posted on by two of his student athletes:
Chip Parks writes "Bob Dubey was my football coach when I was 14 years old and he was just 21. His tune never changes, thick or thin. "If you want to be winners, you gotta outwork, Out block, OutTackle, and OutRun your Competition. At 21, Coach Dubey laid the foundation for 60 boys to be Winners as Fathers, Husbands, and businessmen and Workers...CFO, Business Owners, Men of Honor and Duty have come from that Team.
We NEVER won a game that year. We didn't even score a touchdown until the last game.
How do you teach a group of boys that they will be Winners in Life when the scoreboard keeps saying "Losers"?
Keep teaching Blocking and Tackling. Fundamentals...and Discipline.
Coach Dubey and Coach Bob Devoll taught us about Discipline and Perseverance:
Winners Just. Won't. Quit...and Quitters never Win.
We stayed. We stuck, and 2 years later , as 9th graders, we Swon. Zone Co Champions.
If you want a Mayor who can face Any circumstance and Win, vote for Bob Dubey, and make him your Mayor."
Mike Casillo replies: "Chip Parks I want to second your thoughts about Coach Dubey. I had the opportunity to play for him in both jr high and high school. He definately was more than a coach. He was your friend, confidant and you always knew he had your back. He always had a smile on his face and positive attitude. He was a support system when I know I was going through some major struggles. I would agree Richardson would be blessed to have a leader like Coach Dubey!.. Ive never thanked you personally, however, I want you to know how great a man you are and the privilage to play for you."

Lisa Dunn