Monday, September 14, 2020

Innovative Solutions for Texas Health Care

"Innovative Solutions for Texas Health Care." That's the headline on the campaign mailer for Genevieve Collins, GOP candidate for Congressional District 32. It's a fairly big card, certainly big enough to detail what the GOP's "innovative solutions" might be. This is what she offers:
  • Health Care That's More Affordable
  • Greater Access to Quality Care
  • Allow You to Keep Your Doctor

That's what she wants. But that's what everyone wants. The tricky part is saying how to get that. On that, Collins and the GOP are as silent today as they were in 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. For years, their cry was "repeal", then "repeal and replace", then sue in hopes the courts would do their dirty work for them. But the GOP never was able to offer a plan for replacement. They still aren't.

Genevieve Collins's empty mailer shows the GOP still has nothing. An indication of just how empty the Republicans' promises about health care are, consider that Collins's mailer, in 2020, all about health care, has not a word to say about COVID-19. It's almost like she wants voters to forget the 193,705 dead in the US. At least she doesn't mimic Trump, who claims the death count means "we've done an incredible job."

Contrast all this with Colin Allred. Allred says, "We must address the current health care crisis in Texas by building on the progress on the Affordable Care Act, expanding Medicaid and ensuring that every North Texan family has access to COVID-19 testing and support resources." His campaign website lists these specific plans.

  • Defend, fix and expand the Affordable Care Act
  • Create a public option to give every American the choice to buy into Medicare
  • Protect and expand Medicaid to allow the near poor access to health care
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing direct negotiation
  • Fully fund, and expand, programs to educate, prevent, and treat HIV/AIDS

Allred offers something that moves us forward. Collins offers nothing. That's the choice for District 32. Plans vs platitudes. Moving forward vs going back.

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