Friday, September 27, 2019

Ad Astra (2019)

Rotten Tomatoes
Ad Astra (2019): Moon pirates, rampaging space gorillas, and too many other absurdities and plot holes to fit in 280 characters. Even the human interest, a man's search for his missing astronaut father out by Neptune, consumes the whole movie, then reaches a nothing climax. C-


glbeach said...

Mark, have you taken time to watch the Sci-Fi show, "The Expanse"? It originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel but is now available on Amazon Prime - at no additional cost to Amazon Prime Members. I have enjoyed it quite a bit. And now, the Sci-Fi channel is no longer funding it. But Jeff Bezos is also a fan, so Amazon will fund it going forward. You might enjoy it.

Mark Steger said...

I watched three episodes, I think, and then lost interest. I guess I like my space fiction to deal with issues of science and cosmology, not detective stories or class warfare. There are other genres for that.