Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Repeat Tweets: Collins Won't Back Court Pick...

Repeat tweets from July, 2018:

  • Jul 1 2018: Headline: "Collins Won’t Back Court Pick Who Overturns Roe v. Wade."
    This would only preclude a nominee who is on the public record calling for overturning Roe. So, we'll get a nominee who refuses to say definitively but is all but certain to overturn. And Collins will vote to confirm.
  • Jul 1 2018: Goliath: Season 2 (TV): Plot is a mess. Villain is absurd. Why some people are killed and not others makes no sense. But the characters, especially Billy and Patty, are strong and unforgettable. Patty's speech to her FBI agent date is series' highlight. I'd watch a Season 3. B-
  • Jul 2 2018: "Unfortunately civility was forcibly rebranded as "political correctness" and then taken out to the pasture and shot." -- Paul Michael Hodgson
  • Jul 2 2018: Headline: "Plano's $3 billion Legacy West is getting its own CVS store."
    When you can't decide if it's Steve Brown in "The Dallas Morning News" or "The Onion", bet on Steve Brown.
  • Jul 2 2018: Besides @marklamster's nit about the Maverick's logo ("when was the last time you saw a horse in downtown Dallas?") there's the nit that a Maverick isn't a horse in the first place.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jul 3 2018: RT @brett_shipp: "Curious as to who’s winning the Sweden/Switzerland game???? Neither is the rest of the world."
    When FIFA fined two Switzerland Albanian-Kosovar players for an Albanian tribute, I became a fan of the Swiss. When Russian fans booed them, my decision was reinforced. When I met some Kosovars in Richardson, I was hooked.
  • Jul 3 2018: Headline: "In many states, the end of Roe v. Wade is already here."
    Looking for a silver lining in SCOTUS pick...maybe it will cause a future Congress to end the existing charade of restricting abortion in name of mother's health.
  • Jul 4 2018: RT @IngrahamAngle: "Pruitt is the swamp. Drain it."
    What do you know, she found an acorn.
  • Jul 4 2018: Today's helpful comparison: "There are about 10^22 stars in the universe. That’s about 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth."
  • Jul 4 2018: Today's surprising fact: "The percentage of American households owning a gun has declined steadily since the mid-1970s."
  • Jul 4 2018: TIL: "Estimates of the costs of a trade war don’t come near to 10 percent of GDP. It’s one of the dirty little secrets of international economics that standard estimates of the cost of protectionism, while not trivial, aren’t usually earthshaking either."
  • Jul 4 2018: Mark Solomon, Scott Dunn, and Bob Dubey were seen at Richardson's 4th celebration wearing Pete Sessions's gimme caps that he was handing out.
  • Jul 5 2018: The Texas Democratic party platform is more in line with Texas voters on almost every issue polled. Yet voters keep voting Republican. Why? Seriously. Why?
  • Jul 9 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "Is 'handshake' sufficient consideration for a contract?"
    Even if so, wouldn't it depend on the words spoken just before the handshake? English and Korean?
  • Jul 9 2018: RT @UTDJonsson: "Richardson City Council Member Scott Dunn, @PeteSessions @LindaKoopHD102 @UTDJonsson Dept Head Mario Rotea, @VanTaylorTX and Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker cut the wind tunnel ribbon."
    "Cut the wind." giggle
  • Jul 9 2018: Give Kavanaugh a chance. No one knows how he's going to vote on any particular issue. That's why the Federalist Society put him on their shortlist and President Trump nominated him...
    Just kidding.
  • Jul 10 2018: RT @JGodiasMurphy: "DAIRY DISASTER: US trade policy is inflicting substantial harm on US dairy producers. It’s a perfect storm spawned in large part by tariffs unleashed in Washington."
    It's ironic that rural Wisconsin voted for Trump bigly. Elections have consequences.
  • Jul 10 2018: Reason #12 why people don't run for school board: after volunteering for a no-pay job and giving up hours of your time trying to help other people's kids, your reward is to get personally sued by a disgruntled constituent. Kudos to those who choose to run anyway.
  • Jul 11 2018: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018): Wild dinosaurs on the loose, some killers, some not. Erupting volcano. Greedy, evil villain. All the expected ingredients, no surprises. Not even dino whisperer Chris Pratt can save this rehash. C-
  • Jul 11 2018: GOP candidate for Georgia governor says primary was about "who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck and who could be the craziest." That's what you call a gaffe, accidentally saying in public what you truly believe.
  • Jul 11 2018: I admit to fearing, when Trump was elected, that he might recklessly lead us into another war. Little did I imagine that it would be against NATO.
  • Jul 11 2018: World Cup Brexit.
  • Jul 11 2018: Isn't the recessed position behind parking the fault of city building codes? Sure, each and every company could fix it one new store at a time, or the city could fix it for all new construction all at once.
  • Jul 12 2018: RT @JoeCrowleyNY: "Alexandria, the race is over and Democrats need to come together. I’ve made my support for you clear and the fact that I’m not running. We’ve scheduled phone calls and your team has not followed through. I’d like to connect but I’m not willing to air grievances on Twitter."
    Why we can't have good things.
  • Jul 12 2018: RT @TopherSpiro: "Economists at the Federal Reserve now predict the GOP tax cuts may not boost the economy at all, instead just lavishing corporate shareholders with riches."
    In other shocking news, puppies are cute.
  • Jul 13 2018: Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018): Ant-tastic. Just kidding. Too many things going on. A house arrest for something, a woman lost in quantum realm, a ghost or something, some tech thieves. What's missing is a supervillain. But nothing is too serious and there is some fun dialog. C-
  • Jul 13 2018: Trump was right. It is a witch hunt. And the swamp is full of witches.
  • Jul 15 2018: RT @CoryjTaylor: "You can replace the cast of any movie with The Muppets, but you keep one of the human actors. What movie and which human do you keep?"
    Braveheart. Keep Mel Gibson.
  • Jul 15 2018: To @wfaaweather: This would be a good opportunity to teach your viewers about global warming.
  • Jul 16 2018: Headline: "MAGA hats made in China to increase in price because of Trump tariffs."
    Irony probably lost on MAGA-heads.
  • Jul 16 2018: Headline: "Worker wages drop while companies spend billions to boost stocks."
  • Jul 16 2018: RT @realDonaldTrump: "Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!"
    Blame America First.
  • Jul 16 2018: RT @PeteSessions: "This week the House is considering legislation that would authorize funding to ensure the @Interior @forestservice have the necessary resources to combat devastating wildfires & protect our natural resources."
    How about some attention to the fact that your President is burning down the western alliance in Helsinki as we tweet?
  • Jul 16 2018: Germany says it can "no longer completely rely on the White House."
    "Completely." How diplomatic.
  • Jul 16 2018: FLASH: @JohnCornyn tells reporters he trusts FBI, intel agencies, but declines to criticize Trump: "He's the president of the United States. He's the choice of the voters."
    At least @JohnCornyn is consistent. He always declined to criticize President Obama, too.
    Just kidding.
  • Jul 16 2018: RT @newtgingrich: "President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin."
    "Clarify." Yeah, maybe we just heard him wrong.
  • Jul 18 2018: Breathe (2017): True story. A beautiful young couple has everything going. Then polio strikes. Then they piece their lives back together. An earnest love story, earnestly told, by the numbers. Nothing fresh here. Still I feel bad for not loving this movie. C+
  • Jul 18 2018: Personally, I tend to doubt the existence of the pee tape, because if it did exist, Monday would have been the perfect time for Trump himself to release it to distract attention from his performance in Helsinki, which was so much worse.
  • Jul 18 2018: Idiot's the wrong word to describe @realDonaldTrump. It's even the wrong scale. I prefer "cunning", as in Calvin Trillin's line: "A raccoon's cunning, but he's got no head for figures."
  • Jul 18 2018: Who is Ross Douthat describing? "Vain, mendacious, self-serving, sleazy and absurdly stubborn, ..., a not-so-sneaking admiration for strongmen and the information filter of an old man who prefers his own reality to the discomforts of contrary information."
    It's SAD that the answer is so obvious.
  • Jul 18 2018: After taking healthcare away from millions, @PeteSessions wants to go after poor people's nutrition supplements. @PeteSessions offers not a "spring board" but a trap door.
  • Jul 19 2018: WaPo: "House Republicans plan to vote Thursday on a spending bill that excludes new money for election security grants to states."
    North Texas's own @PeteSessions is doing Putin's work in the US Congress. Interesting fact: Pete Sessions is son of former FBI Director William S. Sessions, who was fired for alleged travel and expense abuses. Family grudge?
  • Jul 20 2018: Alexander Hamilton: 2004 biography that inspired the hit musical. He was at the center of every big event from Revolutionary War to Constitutional Convention to laying the shaky young nation's economic foundation at Treasury. And, he also fought duels. A-
  • Jul 20 2018: RISD TRE FAQ says the tax hike "would raise property taxes by $22.66 a month, or the cost of two tickets to the movies." Some say this is one-sided because RISD doesn't add, "and you definitely can't afford that."
  • Jul 20 2018: Headline: "Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia."
    He's getting greedy. He already has his ally in Washington warning US against closer ties to NATO.
  • Jul 20 2018: Apparently, the City of Richardson's use of red-light cameras is not a dead issue, at least legally. Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of Richardson. Now it's up to the Supreme Court of Texas.
  • Jul 21 2018: Sister Act (RCT): If you liked the Whoopi Goldberg movie, you won't be disappointed. And if you haven't seen the movie, what are you waiting for? Infectious fun from the lead to the chorus(es) -- nuns and crooks. Support local theatre in Richardson.
  • Jul 21 2018: Given the forecast temperature for Richardson today (108 degrees) I thought I should wear my Hawaiian shirt. But that's not fair to Hawaii, whose record temperature is only 98.
  • Jul 21 2018: Headline: "Rev. Robert Jeffress Defends Trump Amid Tape Chaos: We Also Supported 'Known Womanizer' Ronald Reagan."
    How low can he go? "Pastor" Robert Jeffress throws Ronald Reagan under the bus in effort to defend Donald Trump.
  • Jul 21 2018: Headline: "Trump may like doing things his way, eschewing advice and precedent like no president before, but he never likes being alone."
    With Trump, as with all authoritarians, the best approach is to be united and firm. Appeasement doesn't works.
  • Jul 21 2018: RT @TexasTribune: "Millennials want to live in cities with public transportation. So why do Texas cities keep building more highways?"
    Because millennials don't vote?
  • Jul 21 2018: City of Gold (2015): Food critic Jonathan Gold explores LA's diverse ethnic food. Gave me a new appreciation for LA as a great city. C+
  • Jul 22 2018: Coming to an American courtroom near you...
    Headline: "Indonesian girl jailed for abortion after being raped by brother."
  • Jul 23 2018: Headline: "May 2018 marked the 401st consecutive month in which temperatures exceeded the 20th century average."
    Ironically, burying one's head in the sand is a good cooling-off strategy.
  • Jul 24 2018: Three Identical Strangers (2018): Documentary of triplets separated at birth. When they discover each other at age 19, they compare looks, likes, personalities, etc. But when they try to understand why they were separated at birth, that's when the real story begins. A-
  • Jul 24 2018: Headline: "Thousands of scientists warn Trump’s border wall will threaten biodiversity."
    lol. Ticking scientists off will be seen by Trump and his supporters as a feature, not a bug.
  • Jul 24 2018: Don't expect reviews here of the WWII drama "Destroyer" or the Sean Penn movie "The Professor and the Madman." Why? Because both star Mel Gibson. Why is that bigot getting a comeback?
  • Jul 24 2018: Millions are benefiting from the protections in the Affordable Care Act, like the ban on denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions. Why do want to take that away from them?
  • Jul 25 2018: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018): Round two of fun and romance in the Greek Isles. Over the top from the first song and dance number, with over the top costumes to match. Full of energy and joy and unabashed respect for all the old ABBA hits, it never lets up. A-
  • Jul 25 2018: Psychiatric nurse passes on the best advice he ever received: "Never argue with the crazies. Arguing with crazies is crazy."
  • Jul 25 2018: So @PeteSessions says he already learned from @BetsyDeVosED what her "priorities to increase #SchoolChoice" are, but doesn't take a stand. Show some courage Congressman and oppose the siphoning of dollars from public schools for vounchers for private schools.
  • Jul 25 2018: Headline: "Global steel cost has risen substantially &, particularly in the US, they have reached unexplainable levels."
    "Unexplainable." lol
  • Jul 26 2018: Headline: "Workers make flags for U.S. President Donald Trump's Keep America Great! 2020 re-election campaign at Jiahao flag factory in Fuyang, Anhui province, China."
    Make China Great Again.
  • Jul 26 2018: Most of the health care premium hikes are due to GOP sabotage, as reported by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office. That is @PeteSessions's proud legacy -- higher premiums and fewer people covered.
  • Jul 26 2018: It is the darndest thing. "I could stand in the middle of downtown Des Moines and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters." -- Donald Trump, paraphrased.
  • Jul 26 2018: Headline: "Betsy DeVos’s $40 million yacht untied from dock, set adrift."
    Alexa, what's a metaphor?
  • Jul 26 2018: Headline: "North Korea’s Ruling Party Informs Officials Kim Regime Will Not Give Up Nukes."
  • Jul 26 2018: Headline: "Facebook's $100 billion-plus rout is the biggest loss in stock market history."
  • Jul 28 2018: Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (2018): Netflix standup special in which this Australian explains how comedy works (tension and release) and why that doesn't work for her anymore (her life story is one of unreleased tension). Raw, powerful, and yes, very funny. Straight dudes beware! A-
  • Jul 28 2018: All in all, given the choice, I'd vote for the snake over @leachfortexas .
  • Jul 29 2018: Climate Complacency: "How Did the End of the World Become Old News?"
  • Jul 30 2018: The Americans (TV): The series that asks if US audiences can empathize with Russian spies. Answer: yes. Spoilers from finale: Philip and Elizabeth can't run from emotional consequences. Everyone ends up in a bad place. No one's happy, except maybe McDonalds. A-
  • Jul 30 2018: Headline: "Dallas Rebel Statues Could Be Restored."
    Dallas is batshit crazy. And racist. And who is in whose pocket is bizarre.
  • Jul 30 2018: It's called pork barrel politics, @PeteSessions. Something Republicans used to condemn about the Washington swamp. But if your internal polls show you're in trouble, bragging to voters about bringing home the bacon is suddenly OK.
  • Jul 30 2018: Original progression...
    1. Global warming is a hoax.
    2. It's happening, but it's natural.
    3. It's actually good for us.
    1. Russian collusion is a hoax.
    2. It happened, but it's not technically a crime.
    3. Anyone would be a fool not to do it.
  • Jul 30 2018: RT @BudKennedy: "Here's @WFAA's Dale Hansen on the hypocrisy of Jerry Jones."
    Hypocrisy is only the latest failing of Jerry Jones. This NFL team owner (1 share, Green Bay Packers) says let the players kneel. The owners should have their backs in protesting racial injustice. @dalehansen
  • Jul 31 2018: MT @wfaaweather: "we as a meteorologists can do a better job of communicating."
    Yes, you can. How about communicating better how global warming affects the likelihood of extreme weather events?

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