Friday, June 1, 2018

Repeat Tweets: Victim of the Crazies

Repeat tweets from May, 2018:

  • May 1 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "You did nothing wrong @daumkeziah. You are a victim of the crazies who spend their time criticizing others instead of just living their own lives."
    "crazies who spend their time criticizing others instead of just living their own lives." Today's award for unintended irony.
  • May 3 2018: Avengers: Infinity War (2018): More like Infinity Cast. Full of deaths, resurrections, near-deaths, and scratches. Needs less over-the-top acting and more self-aware pop culture references. I did not see ending coming, but in hindsight, it's brilliant. C+
  • May 3 2018: "Euless City Council Candidate Salman Bhojani Has Jonathan Stickland Very Upset."
    @AngieChenButton, you serve with Stickland and represent me. You need to call out this behavior for what it is.
  • May 3 2018: RT @TXHouseCaucus: "Join us in unity as we celebrate today's National Day of Prayer with the rest of America."
    In your prayer, how about condemning the religious bigotry on display in the @TXHouseCaucus by one of your own?
  • May 3 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "Facebook continues to needlessly flounder. There is a simple solution for this: Social media platforms should only block content that is ILLEGAL."
    Yeah, that'll solve Facebook's problems. Turn it into a white nationalist bullying site.
  • May 3 2018: Headline: "Mystery pooper at N.J. high school's track turned out to be superintendent, cops say."
    Reason #126 to be grateful to live in RISD.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • May 4 2018: The best way to catch criminals is not to intimidate victims and witnesses with threats of deportations if they come forward to report violent crimes. If that's "sanctuary" then so be it.
  • May 5 2018: The McCain/Palin loss was blamed more on Palin than McCain, so assuming a McCain/Lieberman loss, the GOP might have blamed moderation for the loss and turned to a Palin/Santorum/Trump type in 2012. Obama beats Trump big in 2012.
  • May 6 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "Marx's ideology killed at least 15x more people than Hitler’s Holocaust. Meanwhile, obese @MMFlint eats himself into an early grave rolling around in a mansion. Hypocrisy much."
    Blaming Marx for the crimes of Lenin, Stalin and Mao is like blaming George Washington for the 30,000 gun deaths in America each year. And, oh yeah, "obese" is what's called an ad hominem attack, which should be beneath you.
  • May 7 2018: Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (2017): Documentary of how a small family bank in Chinatown became the only US bank the govt prosecuted for mortgage fraud during banking crisis. Besides the injustice, movie provides insight into Chinese-American community. B+
  • May 9 2018: All the Money in the World (2017): Forget the drama surrounding Spacey/Plummer, this is a good thriller. Maybe JP Getty is made too much the villain, but maybe in real life he was. Wahlberg and his character are weak points. Michelle Williams is great. B+
  • May 10 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "A CNN anchor seems stunned that political parties in power can influence the courts beyond the immediate political timeframe."
    "Seems stunned"? Where do you get that?
  • May 10 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "The progressive left has literally become a freak show."
    The difference is that the freak show on the right is aided and abetted by one of America's major political parties, to the point that they've installed the Freak-in-Chief in the White House. Big difference.
  • May 10 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "How much of the good going on right now politically is uniquely because of Trump, or how much of it is simply because it's not Obama or Hillary or Biden running things?"
    Loaded question.
  • May 10 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "Legit question: Is it Trump's unique policies per se, or is it just the absence of Obama's harmful, counterproductive policies?"
    Explain how it's working? NK is a nuclear power and about to receive US blessing. Iran was turned loose again to become one. Russia has carte blanche in eastern Europe and Middle East. Where is US position stronger?
  • May 11 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "You can't compare #immigration policy before the welfare state with immigration after the advent of an overly generous welfare state."
    "overly generous."
  • May 11 2018: The Amish Restaurant in Muskogee advertises "Free Wi-Fi."
  • May 15 2018: The Square (2017): Museum curator experiences crises with a pickpocket, PR stunts, and sex. This Swedish, Palme d'Or winner pokes at art, money, society, political correctness and social consciousness. Hit or miss on the satire, but always weird. B-
  • May 17 2018: Today's double take: Billboard in western Wisconsin: "The NRA is a terrorist organization."
  • May 18 2018: The Underground Railroad: It's a gripping adventure of one slave's escape. It also lays bare a wound that never heals, America's original sin. Don't worry that details like the railroad being a real, literal railroad are not historically accurate. B+
  • May 18 2018: Report from the Heartland. Billboard outside Ames, Iowa: "Impeachment Now."
  • May 18 2018: Guns and prayers. #SantaFe
  • May 18 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "The correct reaction to a school shooting is to figure out what is wrong with our kids."
    ...and prevent them from shooting each other.
  • May 18 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "There were plenty of guns in the 1970s when I was in high school. Kids didn't plant bombs and shoot each other. Something in society has drastically changed, and it isn't guns. It's the kids."
    Count the guns. Seriously.
  • May 18 2018: RT: @GretAbbott_TX: "I'm EMBARRASSED: Texas #2 in nation for new gun purchases, behind CALIFORNIA. Let's pick up the pace Texans. @NRA"
    @tgiovanetti, something has changed alright, but it's not just the kids.
  • May 19 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "The 'deep state' is simply what we’ve always called Big Government, which is its own distinct interest group and has its own distinct priorities, which have NEVER been the priorities of the American people. Hence the truism that the government is not the same as the country."
    Don't try to speak for "the country" when you live in a bubble.
  • May 20 2018: Remember that name: Alice Linahan. It comes up every year at RISD school board election time.
  • May 20 2018: RT @marklamster: "i can't imagine why the city would accept this: 'A 6-story-tall video wall facing Commerce will be the largest downtown.' Why should we allow the city to become a giant at&t video billboard?"
    Less intrusive than billboards on the sidewalks. IJS
  • May 20 2018: RT @tgiovenetti: "While this is a heinous tweet and sentiment, this is also the logical result of carelessly throwing around the accusation of racism when it is in inaccurate or untrue. At some point, the descriptor will become impotent."
    "carelessly throwing around the accusation of racism." What an odd phrase to use in a reply to a racist's complaint of being called racist.
  • May 22 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "Even if I granted every single criticism and failing of Donald Trump, he still scares me less than the progressive left."
    There you have it. Trump has normalized his anti-American behavior.
  • May 22 2018: RT @HillaryWarnedUs: "I'm not against Bernie because I'm for Hillary. I'm against Bernie because I'm a Democrat."
    This is why we can't have good things.
  • May 22 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "The natural instinct of law enforcement is to disarm the citizenry. Fortunately, law enforcement must operate within the 4 walls of the Constitution."
    The natural instinct of law enforcement is to protect the citizenry and do it by operating within the 4 walls of the Constitution. Only gun nuts think the two are incompatible.
  • May 22 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "I'll happily vote for Lupe Valdez in the general, but I give her a 5-10% chance of winning, and think Andrew White had a 15-20% chance."
    Neither one had a chance. Just be thankful Lupe Valdez set a milestone for gays and Latinas.
  • May 23 2018: That's the second time today I've heard that analogy. ;-)
  • May 23 2018: Let the record show that this NFL owner (1 share, Green Bay Packers, Inc.) is opposed to the league move.
  • May 23 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "Liberty is so holy a thing that God was forced to permit evil that it might exist." --Lord Acton.
    "God was forced..." Lord Acton diminishes God.
  • May 23 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "The Phillips Curve has been long dead, but the federal government keeps making policy as if it is an iron law of economics."
    The Phillips Curve is neither "an iron law or economics" nor is it "long dead." Economics is hard. Politicians try to make it simple to impose bad policy. Pundits play along.
  • May 24 2018: College campuses banning alt-right speakers: Un-American.
    NFL banning national anthem protests: Patriotic.
    Got it. Moving on.
  • May 24 2018: MT @MarkDavis: "The National anthem is 60 seconds where everybody shelves their views and honors America."
    That's your view. Maybe you should set aside your view, too.
  • May 24 2018: Trumpcare. Pottery Barn Rule: if you break it, you own it.
  • May 24 2018: Their constituents were listening to Trump: "Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now."
  • May 24 2018: Obama was elected twice for broadening health care. Trump was elected for promising even better health care.
  • May 24 2018: It was a close election. I think "Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now" got Trump way more votes than it lost him.
  • May 24 2018: I think protests are OK. You think they are not. It's logically impossible for us *both* to set aside our views during the anthem. If I protest, my view prevails. If I STFU, your view prevails. We can't both prevail. Why should your view prevail?
  • May 25 2018: RT @MSN: "Putin says will step down as president after term expires in 2024."
    Putin's compulsive lying reminds me of someone...I'll think of who in a minute.
  • May 25 2018: Irish stand behind women's right to control their own bodies.
    Yes. For Women's Lives. For Women's Health.
  • May 26 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "It may be that you are being discriminated against for a good and healthy reason. It may be that your behavior is harmful and destructive. Not all discrimination is unfair oppression."
    Not all, but unfair oppression is a real and serious problem in America, amiright?
  • May 27 2018: RT @BillKristol: "Just saw the print Washington Post, with 'Democracy Dies in Darkness.' It occurs to me, in light of history recent and past, that it may be truer to say that Democracy Dies in Broad Daylight. Sophistry is probably a greater threat than secrecy, rationalization than deception."
    Who would have guessed that bald-faced, compulsive, constant lying would have been the threat it's become?
  • May 27 2018: JFK's grave is not in Dallas. JFK's spirit is not in Dallas. Visitors hoping to find something of the man won't find it in Dallas. The emptiness of the memorial conveys the emptiness of the city itself. He is not here. He never was of Dallas. #notinvenice
  • May 28 2018: Book Club (2018): Four mature women seek to refind romance by reading "Fifty Shades of F*%#ed Up." Four great actors with so-so material. Hope this movie leads to more opportunities. Some laughs, some sympathy. Some of it falls flat, but satisfying overall. C+
  • May 28 2018: Re: "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Definitely one of my top ten Star Wars movies.
  • May 28 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "Well now I have lost all possible interest in the NBA finals."
    LeBron vs KD and the rest? I think the NBA is happy.
  • May 29 2018: "The market is experiencing a slowdown. Interest rates are rising. Municipalities are getting more and more greedy with property taxes... Wages aren’t increasing as quickly as prices and that’s causing a slowdown in the real estate market."
  • May 29 2018: There ought to be a law against using a tweet to link to a photo from Instagram.
  • May 29 2018: According to Nate Silver's @FiveThirtyEight, the Warriors have a 77% chance of winning the NBA championship over the Cavs. In other words, they are an even bigger favorite than Hillary Clinton. Play the games.
  • May 29 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "Next gen #5G networks will continue the mobile communications revolution. BUT require huge private investments. Hence, a compelling reason why the T-Mobile\Sprint merger should be not just permitted but welcomed."
    And why Net Neutrality is going to be even more critical to society after those investments eliminate any remaining competition in carriers.
  • May 29 2018: Can another network revive Roseanne?
  • May 29 2018: RT @tgiovanetti: "Her joke was in poor taste but it was about Valarie Jarrett’s LOOKS. It was NOT racist."
    Yeah, it was racist.
  • May 30 2018: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018): Finally a Stars Wars movie I like. Minimum mumbo jumbo about the Force, Jedi and the Empire. Instead a popcorn-worthy heist movie about Millennium Falcon's first Kessel Run. Look for winks at classic movies and genres. B-

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