Monday, March 5, 2018

Repeat Tweets: No Wardrobe Malfunction

Repeat tweets from February, 2018:

  • Feb 4 2018: Justin Timberlake's backup dancer is wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck with suspenders. Making sure that there's no wardrobe malfunction this year?
  • Feb 4 2018: My unpopular opinion? 58 points through three quarters are better on a basketball court than a football field.
  • Feb 4 2018: Bad, bad, bad clock management by the Eagles. It could cost them a Super Bowl.
  • Feb 4 2018: Never mind.
  • Feb 4 2018: Football glory is fleeting. Nick Foles is Super Bowl MVP today. Tomorrow he wakes up #2 QB on the Eagles 2018 depth chart.
  • Feb 5 2018: Fact-check. This is *not* the Philadelphia Eagles' first NFL championship.
  • Feb 5 2018: First Philadelphia Eagles' championship since 1960 when they beat the Packers, the last playoff game Vince Lombardi ever lost, going on to win five championships in the next seven years.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Feb 7 2018: Sing, Unburied, Sing: Heart-wrenching, beautiful tale of a struggling Mississippi family. Child neglect, violence, drugs. And ghosts. Mississippi's ghosts are never exorcised. B+
  • Feb 7 2018: "WFAA-TV (Channel 8) ace investigative reporter Brett Shipp."
    I'm pretty sure Jim Schutze says that sarcastically. The more I learn about Shipp, the less I can support him as the nominee against Pete Sessions.
  • Feb 8 2018: Call Me by Your Name (2017): Sensitive, coming-of-age love story. Forbidden love. Beautiful Italian settings and scenery. But come on, the subject matter is child molestation, even if consensual, dragging down grade a lot. That and the fruit porn. C-
  • Feb 9 2018: Lady Macbeth (2017): Starts as a sexist bodice-ripper, turns steadily darker. A character study of innocent victim turned evil ogress. Brush up on your Shakespeare, but this movie feels more like bleak Russian literature than the bard's tragedy. C+
  • Feb 9 2018: Linda Koop is endorsed by @TXParentPAC. Angie Chen Button and Jason Villalba are *not* endorsed.
  • Feb 9 2018: Today's mail brought another haul of political ads from Angela Paxton (Sam Johnson attesting to her Christian bona fides) and Phillip Huffines (one for him and one attack ad against her). It's almost like I need to take a can of Lysol® with me to clean the mailbox each day.
  • Feb 9 2018: Headline: "Pence bashes North Korea's military parade, endorses Trump's parade."
    The world is in the hands of adolescent boys bickering over whose is bigger.
  • Feb 10 2018: Phantom Thread (2017): A study in codependency. He's a dress designer, a standoffish fussy genius. She's his model, hopelessly in love. They're cuckoo for each other. Or maybe just cuckoo. Very slow. Very arty. B+
  • Feb 12 2018: Angela Paxton and Phillip Huffines have more money than integrity. They are running negative ads accusing each other of being secret closet liberals. Are Collin County GOP primary voters this stupid? Why does the City of Richardson have to be part of this unseemly district?
  • Feb 13 2018: RT @nhannahjones: "A few years ago I wrote about how judges have been closing out these decades-old school desegregation orders. This is why these orders still matter. Without it, this secession likely would have gone through and thousands of black kids would have lost right to attend integr schls."
    Squint your eyes just so and you might see a funhouse mirror version of RISD...
  • Feb 14 2018: Sen. Don Huffines spent $129,000 in the election campaign to kill Dallas County Schools after failing to get the Texas legislature to kill it. "Some might say it was a bought election by someone who couldn't get the result they wanted in legislature."
  • Feb 15 2018: MT @brett_shipp: "I quit my job at WFAA to for Congress after the Las Vegas massacre, followed by the Southerland Springs church slaughter. Now this. Please send me to Congress. I need your support now."
    No proposed solutions, only a pitch to "Vote for Me." This is almost as bad as politicians who can only offer "thoughts and prayers."
  • Feb 16 2018: RISD Board of Trustees election candidates: Place 1: Jean Bono. Place 2: Kim Caston. No other candidates filed as of deadline February 16.
  • Feb 16 2018: Some defeated candidates feel abused and mistreated. They believe the system isn't fair and don't want to subject themselves to it again. There's a bit of truth in that. Politics isn't fair. On all sides.
  • Feb 16 2018: Final in 2-OT. Plano 62, DeSoto 61. Women's playoff basketball at RHS. Absolutely fantastic game.
  • Feb 17 2018: Give children the vote and there would be action against gun violence. Until then, protest is their only power. Support them.
  • Feb 17 2018: Yes, there is segregation at the elementary level, due to neighborhood segregation. At the high school level, careful drawing of HS attendance boundaries has somewhat negated that neighborhood segregration.
  • Feb 17 2018: Perhaps careful drawing of elementary school boundaries to combat neighborhood segregation is called for. I haven't studied that possibility yet.
  • Feb 17 2018: Trustees that push integration by messing with elementary school attendance boundaries won't survive the next election.
  • Feb 17 2018: RT @montewanderson: "I really had high hopes for Red Bird Mall becoming more urban, more walkable, more relevant but when I saw the drive thru lane for Starbucks..."
    Different businesses, but same sentiments here about Richardson's CityLine.
  • Feb 18 2018: RT @BudKennedy: "Not a good look for #txlege state @SenatorBobHall."
    If I read the maps correctly, Bob Hall's Senate district takes in a tiny sliver of southeast RISD. In any case, an embarrassment for women, children, ... and men.
  • Feb 21 2018: @Mike_Koprowski of Opportunity Dallas moves on to bigger and better things. Dallas's loss is the nation's gain.
  • Feb 21 2018: RT @Douthat: "I appreciate the frustration of gun owners with a pundit class that isn't exactly versed in the details of the hardware."
    How about anti-choice men who don't have a clue about a woman's "hardware" writing laws restricting a woman's choice?
  • Feb 21 2018: My first memory of Christian evangelist Billy Graham was him rubbing elbows with Richard Nixon. I still blame the pair for taking the first swing of the hammer that brought down Thomas Jefferson's wall of separation between church and state.
  • Feb 22 2018: Mindhunter (TV): 1970s FBI agents interview serial killers to learn what makes them tick. Real life crime stories that focus less on the crime, more on the psychology of criminals. Not whodunit, but whydunit. That and great character development of the FBI agents. B+
  • Feb 22 2018: Miami Herald: "Parkland school cop 'never went in' during the shooting."
    Why arming teachers is an inadequate answer. Things go wrong. Why we need to reduce number of guns.
  • Feb 23 2018: To those who think the Parkland shooting may be the trigger that finally gets gun control laws should realize the most likely response will be to arm teachers...i.e. even more guns.
  • Feb 23 2018: RT @cjtackett: "Remember 'a fish rots from the head down'? Now I ask you 'Who Owns Texas?'"
    I see that Jared Patterson (running for TX House District 106 - Frisco) is on the list of candidates who receive sizable funding from a billionaire west Texas wingnut. I thought, "I know that name."
    "Jared Patterson Sides with Terrorists"
  • Feb 23 2018: Final: South Grand Prairie 78, McKinney 58. Too much height. Too much shooting. Just too much. #txhshoops 2nd round men's playoffs at RHS.
  • Feb 24 2018: RT @jwharris: "Empower Texans is AstroTurf not grassroots, funded by a handful of far-right donors. This site drives that point home. Get the facts on Farris Wilks. He’s highjacking the GOP."
    When people say there's too much money in politics, they could point to this west Texas billionaire as exhibit A. To take a stand against money in politics, vote against anyone endorsed by Farris Wilks or his PACs with ever-changing names.
  • Feb 24 2018: Dallas Morning News: "Fracking billionaires pump millions into Texas races, pushing state GOP even further to the right."
    The west Texas oil billionaires trying to buy Texas. The only way to stop them? Vote. Vote against candidates spending their money to stuff your mailboxes.
  • Feb 24 2018: RT @LevineJonathan: "CPAC communication director Ian Walters at Reagan dinner: 'We elected Mike Steele as chairman because he was a black guy.'"
    Communications director? Isn't that the guy organizations hire to train other members not to say stupid things?
  • Feb 25 2018: RT @MattMarcotte: "The best running joke of the new @joelmchale show is the use of the Netflix 'bong.'"
    Could be, but I didn't watch it long enough to figure out which jokes were "running" jokes. I gave it one star ("Hated it").
  • Feb 26 2018: Icarus (2017): Documentary on state-sponsored doping in Russian athletics. That Russia isn't banned is indictment of all international athletics. But movie fails to explain basic things. How did Fogel think his original sting would work? Why did Rodchenkov get involved? C+
  • Feb 26 2018: RT @nycjim: "Looks like Xi Jinping has plans to remain China’s president forever with plan to scrap two-term limit."
    At the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the Olympics will be welcomed to Beijing in 2022. Now we know he wasn't saying the Chinese people would be there to welcome the world. He was saying he plans to be there himself, as forever president.
  • Feb 26 2018: Plano women keep rolling. They'll play in the UIL state basketball tourney in San Antonio this weekend. DeSoto can hold their heads high. They gave Plano everything and more in their double-overtime tourney game at RHS. If you didn't go, sucks for you.
  • Feb 26 2018: RT @CaseyCagle: "I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position."
    Wow. Republican government official extorts favored treatment from a private business. Is this what conservatism has degenerated to?
  • Feb 27 2018: Last Men in Aleppo (2017): Documentary of Syrian war and "White Helmets" first responders. Life in a bombed out city as the bombings continue. No narration, no politics. Just raw, brutal, heart-breaking scene after scene. A-
  • Feb 27 2018: The bathroom bill question came up in a District 102 forum between Linda Koop and Chad Carnahan. Both candidates said the issue should *not* be brought up again, but curiously, neither said how they would vote if it did. Hmm...
  • Feb 27 2018: Koop has expressed opposition to vouchers and I expect her to resist Abbott over them or at least demand a price for her vote. Carnahan doesn't come right out and say he supports vouchers but everything he does say can be interpreted to mean that.
  • Feb 28 2018: Strong Island (2017): Filmmaker tells of brother's 1992 murder. White killer. Black victim. White grand jury declines to indict. The crime story and justice system story are all too common. The personal family story before and after is powerful, tragic and sad. B+
  • Feb 28 2018: Hope Hicks: blah, blah, blah... Reporters: Is there a white lie in there? Hicks: No. Reporters: Is that a lie? Hicks: No. Reporters: How about that? ...
  • Feb 28 2018: RT @DonMcLeroy: "Evolutionary thinking is the result of the evolutionist' ignorance of the God who really exists."
  • Feb 28 2018: RT @WGNO: "Armed teacher arrested after shooting at Georgia high school."
    No teacher would dare bring a gun to school if he or she feared the students were armed. Arm the children! #NRAlogic

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