Friday, December 1, 2017

Repeat Tweets: 25 Conservatives to Follow on Twitter

Repeat tweets from November, 2017:

  • Nov 1 2017: Salon recommended 25 conservatives to follow on Twitter. One was @JayCaruso of DMN. I'm from Dallas, so I thought, great.
  • Nov 1 2017: It turns out, on Twitter, @JayCaruso doesn't offer facts and logic. His tweets start and end with assertions and insults.
  • Nov 1 2017: Maybe on editorial team, @JayCaruso's partisan viewpoint is helpful to craft a balanced editorial. On Twitter, not so much. Unfollow.
  • Nov 1 2017: How about some sensible gun regulations to reduce the 30,000 deaths by guns in this country annually that are not terror related?
  • Nov 1 2017: @JayCaruso mocks Jimmy Kimmel for blaming the "gun nuts". Who else is responsible for the lack of sensible gun regulation than the people who keep electing politicians endorsed by the NRA?

After the jump, more repeat tweets.
  • Nov 1 2017: RT @PeteSessions: "At 2 PM CST I will chair the @RulesReps hearing on a bill to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program for five years. #CHIP"
    Will you vote for it? Will you get it passed? Will it match expired funding? Tweet again when you actually accomplish something.
  • Nov 1 2017: "Papa John's blames sluggish sales on NFL anthem protests."
    That & fact that NFL fans tried the pizza itself. Time to find a virgin market.
  • Nov 2 2017: If you worked at TI in the 1980s (didn't everyone?) and haven't seen Halt and Catch Fire (series just ended), you missed a great flashback.
  • Nov 2 2017: "Climate science opponent Lamar Smith (R-TX) will retire from Congress."
    In other news, north Texas sets 93° high temp record for November.
  • Nov 3 2017: RT @PeteSessions: "Proud to vote to reauthorize #CHIP."
    Sounds good, but... it's robbing Peter to pay Paul. Bill pays for children’s health insurance by taking money away from other health care.
  • Nov 3 2017: I've always been frustrated that the worst-covered news story by a news organization is what happens in their own newsroom.
  • Nov 3 2017: Something stinks. A PAC is flooding mailboxes with anti-DCS mailers. PAC has expenses of $96K and donations of only $22K ($20K from AT&T).
  • Nov 3 2017: Who is behind this PAC trying to kill DCS? Whose money is being hidden? Why won't Dustin Marshall and Don Huffines level with voters?
  • Nov 3 2017: RT @TheOnion: "White House Announces Obamacare Exchange Now Only Accessible From Single Kiosk In Remote Iowa Cornfield."
    #FakeNews. Obviously. White House would never tell us *where* the only place to get health care was located, Iowa cornfield or not.
  • Nov 4 2017: RT @AndreaNRuth: "It doesn’t help that the media lumps every effing Republican under 'conservative.' "
    When almost every *elected* Republican quits voting in lockstep, maybe there'll be room for more nuance in describing the party.
  • Nov 4 2017: Go U Northwestern. Final in OT: Northwestern 31, Nebraska 24. Third straight overtime win.
  • Nov 5 2017: Today would be a good day for sensible gun regulations.
  • Nov 7 2017: RT @MichaelSkolnik: "One shoe bomber tried to blow up a plane and now we take off our shoes. 1520 mass shootings since Sandy Hook and Congress has done NOTHING."
    One hundred years from now, schoolchildren studying us will have a hard time understanding this. Heck, I have a hard time understanding now.
  • Nov 7 2017: RT @realDonaldTrump: "The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy." -- 6 Nov 2012.
    To be fair, he wasn't exactly wrong.
  • Nov 7 2017: It's never the right time to talk about sensible gun regulations, but NRA membership is another story. I just received an NRA pitch in the mail. NRA says "There has never been a more important time for you to accept the enclosed NRA membership card."
  • Nov 7 2017: I apologize for the length of this tweet. I blame it on the length of the NRA quote. I blame a lot of things on the NRA.
  • Nov 8 2017: Baby Driver (2017): Getaway driver with thing for music and a sweet girlfriend. Chase scenes that get better as movie goes over the top. B+
  • Nov 8 2017: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
  • Nov 8 2017: RT @jaketapper: "Obama to report for jury duty in Chicago."
    Republicans tried and failed to get Obama in court for eight years and finally have found the trick.
  • Nov 8 2017: Good: more than 3,000 stores opened in US this year. Bad: over 6,000 closed. Retail apocalypse is upon us. Has the time for mixed-use developments already come and gone?
  • Nov 9 2017: Dallas Morning News editorial team member @JayCaruso approvingly quotes Gordon Gekko. IJS
  • Nov 9 2017: RT @AndreaNRuth: "Sandra Bullock Will Play Abortion Barbie in the Most Unnecessary Biopic in Human History"
    I am reminded that the tactic of using name-calling to denigrate political opponents instead of reasoned argument didn't originate with Donald Trump.
  • Nov 10 2017: Victoria & Abdul (2017): Lonely queen befriends Indian servant, scandalizes court. Great fun as Dame Judy Dench puts down stuffy English. B+
  • Nov 10 2017: Our country is in such a sad state because we've forgotten that sex should be between one 32-year-old man and one 14 year-old girl.
  • Nov 10 2017: "Wisconsin is currently the best two-sport school." -- @FiveThirtyEight. #OnWisconsin
  • Nov 12 2017: RT @DonMcLeroy: "Teach evolution? Yes, warts and all!"
    You have to start by teaching the "and all." Then, if by warts, you mean areas of future study, then we agree. That's been done ever since I was in school in another state in the 1950s and should continue in Texas in 2017.
  • Nov 14 2017: RT @BudKennedy: "Defending Roy Moore, Texas Religious Right activist @DonnaGGarner says any parent would let a daughter date an 'eligible young man' like him."
    Deplorable. @DonnaGGarner also wants to dictate public education policy in Texas.
  • Nov 14 2017: RT @Lillian_Salerno: "PPP polling shows: In Texas’ 32nd Congressional District, Republican incumbent Congressman Pete Sessions has an approval rating of 36%, and 52% of voters say they disapprove of the job he is doing."
    Pete Sessions is vulnerable.
  • Nov 9 2017: Reminder: Rep. Pete Sessions, TX-32, voted to uninsure 24 million people on May 4, 2017.
  • Nov 14 2017: Today would be a good day for sensible gun regulations. /2406
  • Nov 14 2017: Stranger Things 2 > Stranger Things 1. The Upside Down doesn't need explanation. It just is. Like Wonderland. Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven are more fully developed characters.
  • Nov 15 2017: Lost City of Z (2016): True life drama of English explorer in the Amazon 1906-25. Percy Fawcett's motivations are a hash, never adequately explored. Would have been better as fiction. C+
  • Nov 15 2017: Trump's latest fundraising poll: How would you rate President Trump's job so far? A) TREMENDOUS B) GOOD C) OKAY D) OTHER.
    That last "D" is doing a lot of work.
  • Nov 16 2017: Jim Schutze says new Dallas City Manager is saying all the right things. You know what that means. Dallas is gearing up to end regional cooperation over DART.
  • Nov 16 2017: RT @TopherSpiro: "Trump and his family could save over $1 billion under House tax bill."
    Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.
  • Nov 17 2017: LBJ (2017): More an earnest history lesson than great drama. Covers 1960 election, JFK assassination, and civil rights. A sympathetic portrait of what LBJ's legacy would have been without Vietnam. Woody Harrelson succeeds. B+
  • Nov 17 2017: Occasional need for Heimlich maneuver is evidence against intelligent design. Any freshman engineer would use separate orifices for eating and breathing.
  • Nov 17 2017: Judges missed the call...again.
    Ayana > Brandon > Kentaro. #ProjectRunway #GuiltyPleasure
  • Nov 18 2017: RT @matthewamiller: "This is a bombshell from @RichardEngel. At best, Trump turned a blind eye to blatant money laundering at one of his projects."
    What did the President know and when did he know it? The political world goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Nov 18 2017: I'm old enough to remember when conventional wisdom said if the GOP didn't compromise on immigration reform, they'd never win another national election.
  • Nov 18 2017: Taking care of business. Wisconsin 24, Michigan 10. #OnWisconsin 11-0.
  • Nov 20 2017: Murder on the Orient Express (2017): Luxurious, campy whodunnit. No reason for this remake but good fun anyway. All-Star cast all get their chance to chew the scenery. "Why the abundance of evidence?" B-
  • Nov 21 2017: Lady Bird (2017): A girl's struggles with best friend, boy friends, school and most of all, mother. Very believable and real look at coming of age in Sacramento. Saoirse Ronan nails it. B+
  • Nov 22 2017: Mudbound (2017): White farm family in Mississippi in 1940s facing poverty, floods, illness. Black family with same burdens. Plus racism. Script shows same events from different perspectives. Quiet but strong performances. Lessons for today. A-
  • Nov 22 2017: RT @jonfavs: "Republican Congress jams through corporate tax cuts for donors and foreign investors; still won’t fund health insurance for kids."
    Didn't @PeteSessions assure us CHIP would be renewed? Didn't he brag that he was holding hearings on it? It was all a ruse. Corporate tax cuts over kids' health insurance.
  • Nov 22 2017: Remember the Compromise of 1820? Maybe we should return to the polarized politics of those days. Say Al Franken resign in exchange for Roy Moore withdrawing from Alabama's Senate race? Doesn't solve the underlying split, but keeps the peace. 1/
  • Nov 22 2017: Then maybe Trump and Hillary can both resign the Presidency. What? Hillary isn't President?!? I'd never have guessed that from Fox News. 2/2
  • Nov 23 2017: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is serving the role that used to be filled by television variety shows: a place for B-list celebrities to perform.
  • Nov 24 2017: Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (2017): Documentary. Old photos, movies, interviews and readings. The precise chronicler found the dark side of life to be "Gold". This movie is...silver. B-
  • Nov 24 2017: Nice line by Tim Cowlishaw: "Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers did more kneeling than [Jerry] Jones ever thought he would allow in this stadium."
  • Nov 26 2017: This from a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and a Treasury official under George H. W. Bush. RT @BruceBartlett: "Republicans have no respect for teachers at all. They pay them shit and treat them like dirt."
  • Nov 27 2017: "Aqib Talib let personal battle hurt team."
    I'm embarrassed to say Talib is a Berkner HS graduate.
  • Nov 28 2017: RT @CitizenCohn: "Cornyn just now, on Fox News: 'This is not a bill that is designed primarily to benefit the wealthy and the large businesses.' This is *exactly* what the bill would do."
    Don't let Texas Senator John Cornyn get away with lying. If he can't sell tax cuts for corporations and the rich honestly, vote him out.
  • Nov 30 2017: Texas Rep. Pete Sessions promised us CHIP funding wouldn't expire. Then he bragged he was "holding hearings." Meanwhile, he found time to vote for tax cuts for his rich donors.
  • Nov 30 2017: Fossil Watch "is sitting on shrinking pile of cash — too little to service its enormous debt — while posting falling sales and gallons of red ink. The toxic combination has the Richardson, Texas, company seemingly speeding toward a cliff, analysts said."
  • Nov 30 2017: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017): Bitter mother searches for her daughter's murderer. Black comic elements. Mildly uplifting. No heroes or villains, just broken people. Frances McDormand rules. A-
  • RT @JayCaruso: "Income taxes have nothing to do with Social Security or Medicare."
    I'm old enough to remember when conservatives claimed FICA taxes were a fraud. Now their own sophistry depends on the fig leaf.
  • Nove 30 2017: $1 TRILLION in debt. When the President himself is bragging about how strong the economy is, why would we borrow $1 TRILLION from our children?

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