Monday, May 1, 2017

Repeat Tweets: Why Europe Needs the EU

Repeat tweets from April, 2017:

  • Apr 2 2017: RT @Bencjacobs: "Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says." Makes you understand why Europe needs the EU.
  • Apr 2 2017: Today is International Fact-checking Day. There are 111,214 fact-checking teams in 11,047 countries.
  • Apr 4 2017: RT @DonMcLeroy: "It's Time for Conservatives to Celebrate This President." Which President? Putin?
  • Apr 5 2017: "Caltech claims first conference win in 29 years." Hooray for student-athletes. Go Beavers.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Apr 12 2017: Teachers say pay is secondary, but studies show that raising teacher pay also increases teacher retention.
  • Apr 12 2017: Vim rules. xkcd
  • Apr 13 2017: RT @realDonaldTrump: "Things will work out fine between the U.S.A. and Russia. At the right time everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace!" I think what @realDonaldTrump is saying here is that he's not as crazy as he acts. That's a little reassuring, I guess. Right?
  • Apr 17 2017: RT @scottbraddock: "Really good deep dive from @wfaachannel8 on the school voucher fight in Texas." "Deep dive"? Not quite deep enough. "Who are they? It's tough to say because no one answers their phones."
  • Apr 21 2017: RT @DonMcLeroy: "New science standards for Texas schools strike a major blow to the teaching of evolution." Former SBOE member and dentist who claims the way human upper and lower jaw fits together is evidence of Creationism likes TX science stds.
  • Apr 23 2017: RT @davidfrum: "Oh also we’re heading to a worsening crisis between India & Pakistan over Kashmir." Finally an international trouble spot Trump has boned up on...just kidding. Who knew India/Pakistan relations could be so complicated?
  • Apr 24 2017: Former RISD trustee Anne Foster makes an endorsement in RISD Place 7: Kristin Kuhne.
  • Apr 25 2017: RT @RafaelAnchia: "NEWS: #txlege voted against bill requiring payday lenders to honor ur no-call list." If I read this right, Linda Koop sided with payday lenders and Angie Chen Button was against them.
  • Apr 25 2017: Update: Linda Koop's voting machine recorded her vote wrong. Koop changed it to "Yes." Both Koop and Button voted against payday lenders.
  • Apr 25 2017: RT @SpeakerRyan: "Imagine filing your taxes on a form the size of a postcard. Wouldn’t that be something?" Imagine IRS doing your tax return for you and you just review. But then GOP would have to find another reason to cut taxes for the rich.
  • Apr 27 2017: Silence (2016): Persecution of Christians in 1600s Japan. Repetitious torture scenes. Where was God? Passionless. Where was Scorsese? C+
  • Apr 27 2017: Former RISD trustee Lanet Greenhaw makes an endorsement in RISD Place 7: Kristin Kuhne.
  • Apr 27 2017: Former RISD trustee and Lake Highlands resident Luke Davis makes an endorsement in RISD Place 7: Kristin Kuhne.
  • Apr 27 2017: Bill Ames, complainer about "overrepresentation of minorities" in social studies, endorses Lynn Davenport for RISD.
  • Apr 27 2017: RT @PolitiFactTexas: "A law says anyone may record a government meeting in TX. So, can a legislator bar you from doing so?" Same legislature that wants to restrict local government says state law doesn't apply to them. Because of course not.
  • Apr 28 2017: Sing for Your Life: Boy from broken home across from a crack house grows up to be an opera star. Amazing story. Mediocre storytelling. C+
  • Apr 30 2017: RT @Lady__Madonna: "#buzzfeed swag = new fave sleep shirt @ Washington, District of Columbia." What are the 10 best things about your new fave Buzzfeed sleep shirt?

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