Monday, January 2, 2017

Repeat Tweets: The Stuff They Call Country Today

Repeat tweets from December, 2016:

  • Dec 2 2016: "The stuff they call country today is more like bad rock groups with a fiddle." -- Tom Petty
  • Dec 3 2016: RT @cristinadaglas: "BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS."
    Well that sucked.
  • Dec 3 2016: RT @andrewflowers: "Let me be clear: I think Ohio St. should make the College Football Playoff over Penn St."
    Either the CFP is screwed up or the Big Ten is.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Dec 8 2016: Tracks (2013): Woman walks across Australia just to be alone. Does she purge her demons? Dunno, but her journey is worth it. cf. "Wild". B+
  • Dec 8 2016: "This Has Been the Hottest Autumn Ever." President Trump will put an end to that...kind of factual news reporting.
  • Dec 9 2016: "Goldman Sachs alumni will likely have the 2 top Trump economic policy jobs." I sure hope you didn't vote for the man to drain the swamp.
  • Dec 10 2016: Imagine if Clinton had won but lost popular vote, Mexico had hacked GOP, and FBI had gone after Trump. Would Trump supporters accept result?
  • Dec 11 2016: No one goes to Richardson's Santa's Village anymore. It's too crowded. (h/t Yogi Berra)
  • Dec 12 2016: "The state is spending more overall, but it's spending less per pupil." Don't let Angie Chen Button say otherwise.
  • Dec 17 2016: OK, the president-elect can't spell. Embarrassing sure. But there are 100 things about him more important that Americans should worry about.
  • Dec 20 2016: American Lion: Bio of Andrew Jackson read to anticipate a President Trump. Trump resembles the failings of Jackson, is missing the good. B+
  • Dec 28 2016: RT @maggieNYT: "Dear lord (AP) - Actress Debbie Reynolds, star of the 1952 classic 'Singin' in the Rain' and mother of Carrie Fisher, has died, son says."
    Damn you, 2016.
  • Dec 30 2016: Florence Foster Jenkins (2016): Bad singing raised to high art. Something missing. Can't laugh at her or with her. Great acting though. B-
  • Dec 30 2016: "Colorado College Tigers Run Out of Gas at Caltech." Beavers basketball at its best.
  • Dec 31 2016: When will coaches begin to routinely instruct players to go down on the one so the team can run the clock down before scoring?

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