Friday, July 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Karma is a Bitch

Repeat tweets from June, 2016:

  • Jun 1 2016: Headline: "Ken Starr has resigned." Made name investigating sex in Oval Office. Failed to investigate rapes at Baylor. Karma is a bitch.
  • Jun 3 2016: RT @SenTedCruz: "@CFPB's proposed rule will put added strain on low-income families and workers struggling to access loans." @SenTedCruz defends payday lenders and their predatory lending practices.
  • Jun 3 2016: RT @roddreher: "The Left has played its part in the rise of Trump and his identity politics." Passive Trump supporter @roddreher edges closer to a public endorsement.
  • Jun 6 2016: Headline: "NFL player Aqib Talib reportedly shot at Dallas strip club." Berkner grad. It's a sad time to be a Ram.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Jun 6 2016: Another lost opportunity. Nothing mixed-use about this new development at CityLine, one big bait-and-switch project.
  • Jun 7 2016: Brooklyn (2015): Irish girl emigrates to Brooklyn in 1950s but home still tugs. Simple, sweet love story. Enchanting look and feel. B-
  • Jun 7 2016: RT @DonMcLeroy: "An argument for a little humility and honesty." OK, but it's not an argument for Creationism.
  • Jun 8 2016: The Revenant (2015): One note survival tale. Live action "Oh, No! Mr Bill!" Oscar for Leo DiCaprio for wheezing and grunting. Great look. B-
  • Jun 9 2016: Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler, he's more like Hugo Ch├ívez, but Paul Ryan is playing Neville Chamberlain.
  • Jun 10 2016: RT @roddreher: "California poised to drive some Christian colleges out of business." .@roddreher discovers that discrimination is wrong (when bigots are the target).
  • Jun 13 2016: Seveneves: Moon blows up. Lots of implausible stuff about saving humanity in space. Interesting in a "last women on Earth" kind of way. C+
  • Jun 14 2016: RT @roddreher: "It is possible to be faithful to one's orthodox Christian beliefs and unequivocally condemn violence against LGBTs. And I do." It says a lot that this even needs saying.
  • Jun 14 2016: RT @roddreher: "Left's reaction to Orlando indicates it's a 'Reichstag fire' moment justifying demonizing conservative Christians." @roddreher not so subtly likens the American left to Nazis.
  • Jun 14 2016: RT @DonHuffines: "I will fight to remove barriers so honest, law-abiding Texans can protect themselves & their families!" Then get ready to pray for the next victims.
  • Jun 17 2016: Sunset Blvd. (1950): Billy Wilder classic. As out of date today as silent movies were when this was made. But dead-on casting and cameos. C+
  • Jun 18 2016: RT @BudKennedy: "'Bernie!' backers drowning out Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson calling for unity, spurring response 'Hillary!'" Why the Texas Democratic Party is a joke.
  • Jun 21 2016: Two Days, One Night (2014): Depressed woman fights (kind of) to save her job. Drama with no drama. Marion Cotillard is sadly underused. C-
  • Jun 22 2016: RT @SenTedCruz: "The Federal govt must keep us safe from terrorism & protect the constitutional liberties of law-abiding Americans." @SenTedCruz, common sense gun laws will help do both.
  • Jun 23 2016: Star Wars VII (2015): Felt like a scene-by-scene remake of original. Like a greatest hits collection covered by a new band. No freshness. C+
  • Jun 24 2016: RT @roddreher: "Some readers calling me a bad Christian for being glad that #Brexit won. I'd forgotten that Our Lord ascended to heaven via Brussels." @roddreher is a bad Christian for other reasons -- bigotry against gays, trans, Muslims, in short, the other.
  • Jun 24 2016: Has anyone investigated Yoko's role in all this? #Brexit
  • Jun 26 2016: The day after #Brexit I received TWC's ad for its On Demand highlights for July. On the front page? "London Has Fallen" #Irony
  • Jun 26 2016: Watch it again: Bill Cunningham New York (2010). Upbeat fashion photographer, on the runway, on the street. RIP. B+