Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Repeat Tweets: Cruz's Last Days as Presidential Candidate

Repeat tweets from May, 2016:

  • May 1 2016: RT @NBCPolitics: "Cruz Defends Fiorina's Business Record." Who'd have guessed that Cruz would spend the days before Indiana this way?
  • May 2 2016: Spare Parts: Poor Hispanic kids in Phoenix enter an underwater robotics contest. Inspiring, infuriating. A call for immigration reform. B-
  • May 3 2016: Try to get people's attention about urban planning. Crickets. But watch them go all ape-shit over a new standalone, drive-thru Chick-fil-A.
  • May 3 2016: Run, Ted, Run. Don't come back to Texas. Head to California and Oregon and then back to Canada. Please?

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • May 5 2016: RT @RatliffT: "If Mary Lou Bruner wins, I'll apply for job with Comedy Central to cover SBOE meetings for daily show (material gold mine)."
  • May 6 2016: Look of Silence (2014): Picking at 50 yr old scab of an Indonesian massacre of a million people. Tragic. Inhuman. Inexplicable. Personal. B-
  • May 7 2016: Trivia: The word "gymnasium" was coined in 1910 by a school district in Mass. who wanted to slip "indoor basketball courts" past the voters.
  • May 8 2016: Cartel Land (2015): Citizen armies on both sides of border fight drug cartels. Doesn't anyone wear a white hat? Ignores demand. Bleak. B-
  • May 9 2016: Name a single pet peeve that isn't the equivalent of "old man yells at cloud." Literally.
  • May 10 2016: It's ironic how the party of limited government is more the party of bathroom police.
  • May 13 2016: Look Who's Back (2015): Hitler in time warp wakes up in 2014, sets out to make Germany great again. No shit. Life imitates art. B-
  • May 13 2016: Headline: "Hezbollah Says A Top Commander Was Killed By 'Huge Blast' In Syria." I forget. Is this supposed to be good news or bad? #WarWeary
  • May 16 2016: Between the World and Me: What it means to be black in America. Not written for me, a white man lost in the Dream, but I need it, too. A-
  • May 16 2016: The elephant in the room: "Lake Highlands Finds the Secret to Great Public Schools: Getting Rid of Poor Kids"
  • May 18 2016: Chi-Raq (2015): Lysistrata set in Chicago's South Side by Spike Lee. Daring concept. Worthy effort. Hard to revive a 2,500 yr old drama. C+
  • May 19 2016: Even the tea party thinks SBOE candidate Mary Lou Bruner "is making us all look like idiots."
  • May 20 2016: Hateful Eight (2015): Like an Agatha Christie dinner party murder mystery stage play shot in 70mm by Quentin Tarantino. If you like him...A-
  • May 24 2016: If Julian Castro gets VP pick, his collusion with Dallas to avoid building affordable housing will be a big story.
  • May 25 2016: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012): Asteroid collision in 3 weeks. Implausible random stuff, then, let's fall in love. C-
  • May 26 2016: It's not too soon for RISD to start talking with Dallas and/or Richardson about a joint $30 million natatorium.
  • May 27 2016: Best of Enemies (2015): Buckley vs Vidal, 1968. Reflection of our political discourse in distant mirror. They started it for good or ill. A-
  • May 27 2016: This is new. When global warming denial is no longer credible, @SenTedCruz changes the subject. Start crying about 1st Amendment.
  • May 27 2016: Before making fun of other people's loony religious practices, @roddreher, one really ought to board up one's own glass house.
  • May 29 2016: Headline says "Baylor Cleaned House." First sentence says what really happened: "Baylor has done the bare minimum."
  • May 29 2016: Critic's take on @roddreher: He says Christians "have to head for the hills and that’s just crazy."
  • May 31 2016: About Elly (2009): Iranian friends holiday by the sea when tragedy strikes. Who invited Elly? Why? Lies pile up. No one blames America. B-
  • May 31 2016: .@roddreher urges fifth column resistance to American pluralism until it's conservative Christianity uber alles.