Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Repeat Tweets: Justice for All

Repeat tweets from May, 2015:

  • May 1 2015: "None of us will know peace until we see justice for all, so it's time to take the blinders off." What she said. Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa
  • May 1 2015: To support his anti-gay bigotry, @DonMcLeroy pretty much says women are not created in the image of God. Just wow. TheEagle.com
  • May 2 2015: Interstellar (2014): Wormhole shows humans way off dying Earth. Mishmash of ideas. Explains plot with dialog not action. Waste of talent. D+
  • May 4 2015: "There is a pattern of the state leadership pandering to the fringe of Texas politics rather than the mainstream." texasmonthly.com
  • May 4 2015: "It's possible to think both that this event was in bad taste, and that the response was utterly unacceptable." frontburner.dmagazine.com

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • May 6 2015: The One I Love (2014): Couple in counseling meet their doppelgängers in a guest house. Who's who? Fun movie if you don't question it. B-
  • May 6 2015: No, @SenTedCruz, it's your insistence on war with Iran that jeopardizes the lives of millions of Americans and millions of our allies.
  • May 7 2015: Do people from Highland Park say they are from Highland Park while people from University Park say are from the Park Cities?
  • May 8 2015: The Overnighters (2014): North Dakota oil boom pastor shelters job seekers, but haters gonna hate. Gut-wrenching. Liberty with the truth? B+
  • May 9 2015: .@DonHuffines to local mayors: Go To Hell.
  • May 9 2015: Beware of restaurants whose first menu choice is "Joe's 'Pile of Protein.'"
  • May 9 2015: .@ClaudiaETatum received terrible campaign advice. Future candidates, avoid Jay Townsend. @ClaudiaETatum
  • May 12 2015: "If swollen Trinity is a menace, why build anything at all between the levees?" -- Rodger Jones. Why indeed? Wacko. dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasnews.com
  • May 13 2015: St. Vincent (2014): Cranky old man befriends boy. Funny and warm, but not syrupy, character study. Oscar nom for Bill Murray. Deserved. A-
  • May 13 2015: "No hard feelings, [but execution] is the just outcome." - M Hashimoto. Death penalty advocates are out of arguments. dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasnews.com
  • May 13 2015: MT @rodgermjones: "North Korea executes defense chief with an anti-aircraft gun." Is Mike Hashimoto secretly in North Korea?
  • May 14 2015: RT @DonHuffines: "Scrapping the margins tax would benefit all." All except everyone who benefits from programs funded by the margins tax.
  • May 16 2015: "Our boards and commissions [should] be filled with truly qualified citizens and not political appointments." dallasnews.com
  • May 16 2015: I dread the upcoming last episode of Mad Men. No way Matt Weiner can deliver a satisfying ending to this series. Can he? Fingers crossed.
  • May 16 2015: .@DonHuffines giving local government more control over local affairs doesn't undermine state law. Empowering cities is what you should do.
  • May 17 2015: I was a fan of American Pharoah until I learned that his name is misspelled. History shouldn't contain misspellings. fivethirtyeight.com
  • May 17 2015: Don smiling as he comes up with idea for the Coke ad saves the #MadMen finale. After Peggy needing to find love to be complete ruined it.
  • May 18 2015: Twitter tells me: "You are blocked from following @ClaudiaETatum and viewing @ClaudiaETatum's Tweets."
  • May 18 2015: "So disappointed in [Linda Koop] and her lack of leadership." dallasvoice.com
  • May 18 2015: It's Mayor Paul Voelker and Mayor Pro Tem Mark Solomon.
  • May 19 2015: "Ted Cruz's mission to undo Obamacare would be a bit more credible if he actually understood what it was." usnews.com
  • May 19 2015: Headline: "Abbott signs law to restrict local fracking regulations." Govt overreach is bad until you become governor. dallasnews.com
  • May 19 2015: Is there any way we can deport the Bandidos and Cossacks to Ramadi? Win-win.
  • May 21 2015: .@MikeHashimoto is oblivious to fact that "highway fixes" won't solve Collin and Denton counties' traffic problems. dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasnews.com
  • May 22 2015: We are Called to Rise, by Laura McBride: Four lives intersect after tragedy. Melodramatic treatment of divorce, PTSD, immigration. C+
  • May 22 2015: RT @DonHuffines: "Our Second Amendment rights are sacred." Outlaw biker gangs know this. OBG love Huffines, amirite?
  • May 23 2015: "Four Ways in Which the World Has Surprised Me Over the Past Decade with Its Economics." Me too. equitablegrowth.org
  • May 24 2015: .@AngieChenButton, how about working to pay for roads, water, and schools?
  • May 25 2015: "Paralyzed Man Able To Drink Beer On His Own Using Mind-Controlled Robot Arm." Cuz 'murica. designntrend.com
  • May 26 2015: RT @Jeffreyweissdmn: "Statewide 2015 #STAAR results: Virtually no improvement over four years. Now what?" Simple. Quit testing. ;-)
  • May 27 2015: Selma (2014): Powerful portrayal of fight for voting rights. Tips towards MLK and against LBJ. Voting rights under threat again today. B+
  • May 27 2015: "The only sport with increased participation is tackle football, proving that Americans do not read the newspaper." slate.com
  • May 27 2015: MT @SenTedCruz: "Heartbreaking to see #TexasFloods devastation, but encouraging to see Texans help those in need." Don't forget the feds.
  • May 27 2015: MT @JimMitchell18: "TX's Reckless Lack of Flood Infrastructure." @SenTedCruz praised Texans for helping victims. You know how he could help?
  • May 28 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "#PrayersForTexas." Followed by, I hope, #MoneyForInfrastructure.
  • May 28 2015: Headline: "Don Huffines mum on potential congressional race against Pete Sessions." Wow. So, it is possible to do worse than Pete Sessions.
  • May 28 2015: Bill Ames doesn't want RISD students to learn about global warming. Yikes! facebook.com
  • May 29 2015: Dept. of Speculation, by Jenny Offill: Wife's account of a failing marriage. Thoughts, observations, anecdotes, quotes. Distanced. Short. B-

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