Friday, May 1, 2015

Repeat Tweets: No Higher, No Wider US 75

Repeat tweets from April, 2015:

  • Apr 1 2015: "What happened to 'no-higher, no-wider' for US 75 through Richardson?" For once I agree with Rodger Jones.
  • Apr 3 2015: Force Majeure (2014): Different reactions to skiing avalanche split family. Not a disaster movie, but OK psychological study of stress. C+
  • Apr 8 2015: Headline: "Denver Broncos CB Aqib Talib Involved In Dallas Nightclub Incident." Berkner grad. So sad.
  • Apr 11 2015: Birdman (2014): Pretentious. Over-acted. Movie and theater-industry navel-gazing. Oscar mistake. C+

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Apr 13 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "SB714 will remove red light cameras & is a great step forward for all Texans." Except victims of red light runners.
  • Apr 14 2015: Bike Friendly Richardson did a survey of city council candidates. Some very revealing answers (and non-responses).
  • Apr 14 2015: "Richardson Will Get a Food Truck Park, Because Suburbs Are the New Cities." Good PR for Richardson and yes they are.
  • Apr 18 2015: Theory of Everything (2014): A soaring mind trapped in a wasting body. Heart-warming and heart-breaking. And real. A-
  • Apr 19 2015: "What Makes Mixed-Use Work?" Connectivity. Don't wall off from surrounding community (*cough* Canyon Creek).
  • Apr 20 2015: "Texas Lost 25,000 Jobs In March." Gov. Greg Abbott's national political ambitions just took a hit. Rick Perry too.
  • Apr 21 2015: Ambushing public officials on the way to restroom is part of the m.o. of yellow journalism. Brett Shipp is after sensationalism, not truth.
  • Apr 21 2015: "Twitter increasingly resembles a school lunchroom where tribes of kids sling food at each other." :-(
  • Apr 21 2015: MT @rodgermjones: "Does DMN poll show Trinity Parkway opposition or fatigue?" It shows opposition, but not why.
  • Apr 22 2015: MT @SenBobHall: "RedLightCameraBanBill SB 714 just passed Senate GREEN LIGHT TO FREEDOM!" I think he means GREEN LIGHT TO RUN RED LIGHTS.
  • Apr 22 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "The Senate took another big step in protecting Texans liberties by banning red light cameras." Liberty to run red lights?
  • Apr 22 2015: .@SenBobHall briefly favorited my tweet before unfavoriting it. Maybe he was as confused about it as he is confused about "freedom."
  • Apr 23 2015: The Imitation Game (2014): Nazi code. Math. Homophobia. Bio-pic of brilliant but difficult man wronged by society. Same story, new angle. B-
  • Apr 23 2015: What's the opposite of clickbait? Headline: "Guy Who Fell Asleep in Cargo Hold Has Useful Advice: Don’t Fall Asleep in Cargo Hold."
  • Apr 24 2015: All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr: Blind French girl and German radioman in WWII. Both thriller and human interest story. A+
  • Apr 25 2015: "Ex-Perry Lawyer Picked to Hear Appeal in Perry Case." See how high the bar is in conflict-of-interest cases?
  • Apr 27 2015: The Wheel's Voters Guide
  • Apr 27 2015: Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg) just won an Emmy for game show host but never won for The Late Late Show. How screwed up is that?
  • Apr 27 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "Texas must institute term limits so we can return to citizen leaders" and more powerful lobbyists.
  • Apr 28 2015: Whiplash (2014): Young jazz drummer is tyrannized by a domineering teacher. One note drama. No character development. Awful pedagogy. B-
  • Apr 28 2015: MT @LunaWrites: "Cleburne ISD athletic director Pamela Lea said district forced her to resign because of gender." Thankful to live in RISD.
  • Apr 28 2015: MT @LindaKoopHD102: "TAX CUTS!!" Next month can we get "MEDICAID EXPANSION" and "PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING RESTORED"?
  • Apr 28 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "I made myself a citizen legislator by not accepting salary, pension or health care." How about help others get health care?
  • Apr 28 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "As the employee of the constituents of SD..." Then as your employer, I find you insubordinate. Find another metaphor.
  • Apr 29 2015: RT @DonHuffines: "Thanks @GregAbbott_TX for keeping an eye on our civil liberties!" Who's keeping an eye on Abbott?
  • Apr 29 2015: "By the end, one could almost sympathize with [Mayor] Maczka's description of the Palisades opposition" as a mob.
  • Apr 29 2015: "There's nothing wrong with Richardson that a few public hangings ... won't fix." -- Nathan Morgan.
  • Apr 29 2015: Never mind protecting your family when they drive through a busy intersection. -- Lege's attitude on red light cameras
  • Apr 29 2015: MT @DonMcLeroy: "Why does "more" evolution education leave one with "less" common sense?" Not sure that's possible in your case.
  • Apr 30 2015: MT @DMNSteveBlow: "Does America need to be 'rescued'?" Do you mean from the threat of a @SenTedCruz presidency? Not a serious threat is it?
  • Apr 30 2015: Kinda wish Operation Jade Helm 15 were in Richardson so tin-foil-hat folk would get distracted from their city council conspiracy theories.

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