Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Repeat Tweets: ISIS Bans Evolution

Repeat tweets from March, 2015:

  • Mar 2 2015: Headline: "ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools." I must have missed it. When did Texas SBOE join ISIS?
  • Mar 2 2015: MT @TexasTechMBB "I think the future is very bright." -- Tubby Smith. Well, d'oh. He's got Berkner's Keenan Evans!
  • Mar 3 2015: 3rd round playoffs. Final: Berkner 59, Skyline 53. It's a great time to be a Ram. #txhshoops
  • Mar 3 2015: Headline: "Congress approves Homeland Security Funding." 166 GOP reps voted not to fund border security. So much for that coming first.
  • Mar 3 2015: Headline: "Alabama Supreme Court halts same-sex marriage." Time for some federal marshals in Alabama again.

After the jump, more repeat tweets.

  • Mar 4 2015: MT @AngieChenButton: "@RichardsonISD came to visit me yesterday to discuss issues of importance to them." And? Now say you back them up 100%
  • Mar 4 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "Had a great discussion with the @RichardsonISD members this morning." And? Now say you back them up 100%
  • Mar 4 2015: Idle musing: Opposition to Trinity Tollroad is growing, but how many are opposed to the road itself and how many are opposed to the tolls?
  • Mar 5 2015: "Extra lane to be added to Bush Turnpike." Promises congestion relief. PGBT is not that old. Relief is a mirage.
  • Mar 5 2015: Another Churchill quote for @SenTedCruz to take seriously: "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."
  • Mar 6 2015: Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel: Post-apocalyptic novel with Shakespeare. Human spirit survives loss of airplanes and iPads. A-
  • Mar 6 2015: US added 295k jobs in Feb, the 12th straight month of 200k+ growth. 1st time since 1984. When will this Obama nightmare end? h/t @Jhoratio
  • Mar 6 2015: 4th round playoffs. Final: Humble Atascocita 76, Richardson Berkner 54. Thanks for the great run, Rams. #txhshoops
  • Mar 7 2015: I guess I won't be visiting the Dallas World Aquarium any time soon... or ever.
  • Mar 10 2015: Coherence (2014): Dinner party. Comet. Parallel universes. Low budget movie cares about story, not special effects. Sci-fi at its best. B+
  • Mar 11 2015: Edge of Tomorrow (2014): D-Day meets Groundhog Day meets Alien vampire spiders. Not bad. Film 10 min, loop for 90. Clever cost reduction. B-
  • Mar 11 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "The ATF shelved their bullet ban. RETWEET if you support the 2nd Amendment!" One hour later and zero retweets.
  • Mar 13 2015: Pro tip: Don't order the burrito wrap at Molly Malone's Irish Pub in Jakarta on Friday the thirteenth. No way can that turn out well.
  • Mar 15 2015: Plano West men's basketball team is state champion. The last Texas team to beat them? The Berkner Rams last year.
  • Mar 16 2015: MT @DonHuffines: "Constitutional Carry would allow law-abiding Texans to carry without a license." How about the same for the right to vote?
  • Mar 17 2015: The Hangover Part III (2013): Surprisingly smart and entertaining, pretty much free of sex and drugs. Nothing filling, just fun escapism. C+
  • Mar 18 2015: Winter's Tale (2014): Fantasy romance between thief and consumptive heiress. Magic horse. Devil. Miracles. Too many WTF elements to work. D+
  • Mar 20 2015: Chillin' with Michelle Obama.
  • Mar 20 2015: 1493, by Charles Mann: Malaria, silver, sugar, maize and rubber. The globalization wrought by Columbus. Maybe too ambitious a topic. C+
  • Mar 24 2015: Copenhagen (2014): Too young Effy befriends too immature Will seeking his long-lost grandfather. Not creepy. Charming. City is a co-star. B+
  • Mar 25 2015: Now You See Me (2013): I wish I hadn't. I never suspended disbelief in the hole-filled plot. Movie magic, yes. Movies about magic, no. C+
  • Mar 27 2015: Finding Vivian Maier (2014): Private, eccentric hoarder who took 100,000 great street photos but never shared. Want more of her photos. B+
  • Mar 28 2015: In Hanoi, you can tell the one-way streets because in one of the two directions traffic is only half what it is in the other direction.
  • Mar 31 2015: Citizenfour (2014): Greenwald interviews Snowden in Hong Kong hotel room. Oscar winning doc. Serious issue; dull cinema. One-sided. C+
  • Mar 31 2015: MT @ESPNCBB: "LSU's Jordan Mickey will enter the NBA draft." He's leaving LSU early... just like he left Berkner early.

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