Thursday, February 26, 2015

Agenda Watch: Food Trucks

The following item appeared on the agenda for the cancelled February 23, 2015, Richardson City Council worksession:
As usual, there is no hint of what prompted this agenda item (I've never understood how agendas are put together, but that's another topic). But my guess is that the reason this was on the agenda wasn't because some council member thought that existing regulations are too restrictive, maybe resulting in Richardson not having as many food trucks as a modern, vibrant urban city ought to have.

You know, like Plano...

Plano is one step closer to getting a food truck park this week with the approval of a special use permit and preliminary site plan by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Hub Streat, the proposed food truck park and restaurant concept, is slated to sit at the corner of 14th Street and M Avenue on a vacant 1.6-acre piece of land just east of downtown Plano. The proposal passed unanimously and will go before city council for final approval soon.
Source: Candy's Dirt.
C'mon, Richardson. You're always trying to keep up with the Joneses up north. Usually, that's the wrong game. But here's one case where you'd be right to do so.

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