Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mayor Maczka Shows Leadership on Palisades - ctd

Monday night (actually after midnight, so very early Tuesday morning), the Richardson City Council approved, 5-2, a rezoning request for Palisades Village, increasing the number of multi-family units from 600 to 1090. This was in response to the developer's request after acquiring 20 acres to add to the original 59 acres in the development. Once again, Mayor Laura Maczka displayed strength and resolve in leading the council to this decision despite vocal opposition from her neighbors in Canyon Creek.

I haven't had anything to say about this second round on this rezoning matter because I had my say during the first round. Rereading what I said then, I find it applies equally well now. So... follow the link and save me the time and trouble of rephrasing the same arguments.

But, after the jump, I do want to add a word about Paul Voelker.

I want to reiterate something I said then about Paul Voelker speaking the hard truth to those who wanted to cut down on the density. Once again, it was Voelker who made the best case for high-density, mixed-use, transit-oriented design. I respect his analytical mind, the knowledge he has gained from experience, his vision for Richardson, and his ability to communicate it all. Voelker is a quiet force on the Richardson City Council who deserves more recognition and credit.

P.S. If Steve Mitchell has any thought of challenging Laura Maczka for mayor in 2015, he laid the groundwork with his stand against apartments Monday.

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Mark Steger said...

A reader expressed surprise that I would characterize Mayor Maczka's vote in opposition to the wishes of many of her constituents as "leadership." I was misunderstood. Maczka obviously failed to convince her neighbors to follow her. That was a failure of leadership. But the leadership I credited her with was her ability to get four other council members to go along with her and vote for an unpopular decision. My guess is that at least three of them (Voelker being the exception) would have liked Maczka to take a harder line but they followed her anyway. Maczka, as mayor, is the leader of a solid majority of the council. That's what she ran on and that's what she delivered. Of course, she also ran on a "no apartments near neighborhoods" pledge. She hasn't delivered on that. ;-)