Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wait List for Packers Tickets Shrinks

Being an NFL team owner brings a responsibility to keep an eye on operations, so our trip to Wisconsin included a visit to Lambeau Field to check up on construction activity. Lambeau Field is adding 6,000 new seats to bring the total to 77,000, still not quite enough to hold the whole 106,000 population of Green Bay. The expansion means that about 5,000 people on the wait list, all of them waiting for at least 30 years, will finally get the opportunity to buy season tickets. Inside the stadium, those new decks in the south end zone will be hard to miss. Outside the stadium, the big new scoreboard is hard to miss. Approaching Green Bay from the south on US Highway 41, the big "G" on the back of the scoreboard is visible from miles away. Construction is expected to be complete this month, in time for the 2013 season. Go Pack!

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Mark Steger said...

"St. Louis officials are wisely refusing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a giveawy to the wealthy owner of the local football franchise, which is prompting talk that said franchise might want to relocate to some other city."

That's the first sentence of an article about the St. Louis Rams. The construction cranes in the photo above show that Green Bay is in no danger of losing the Packers. Most of the money for Lambeau Field expansion is coming from the owners, not the taxpayers. The Packers are the NFL's only publicly owned franchise. Go Pack!