Monday, September 10, 2012

A Word About Public Servants

Unfair Park's Jim Schutze, scourge of Dallas city government, made a confession last week:
like most reporters who cover local government over time, I have developed a totally grudging, unwilling, unexpected and, frankly, awkward admiration for people drawn to public service.

I sure as hell ain't gonna do it. And couldn't. Wouldn't be any good at it. Few of us would. But some people just are, and our system of government and civic politics is very good at recruiting those few among us who do have the gift.

The thing you do not get from media coverage -- sure as hell not from me very often -- is how good the good ones are and how rare is the gift.
Source: Unfair Park.
After the jump, my own confession.

To all the public servants in Richardson (or elsewhere) whom I might have offended over the years, ...

What he said.

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