Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few Comments About Comments

It's a new year. Time for resolutions and all that. I thought it might be a good time to offer a few comments about commenting on this blog. Popular or not, I resolve to continue to keep a light hand on moderating comments. That's because I welcome comments. I appreciate comments. I wish more readers would comment.

Still, there are some types of comments that I don't want to see, specifically those that violate the stated commenting rules: "Comments are welcome, but please identify yourself. Keep it courteous, keep it clean, keep it on topic." Hypothetically, calling someone laughable or boring or inane is both discourteous and off-topic. Such arguments are not welcome.

After the jump, a few more behaviors that are not welcome.

Some behaviors don't do your argument any good:
  • Calling someone a liar without specifying the lie and why it's a lie (without facts, it's just name-calling).
  • Pretending to have knowledge you won't reveal (if you know something, say it).
  • Saying that it's not worth you replying (if it isn't, then don't)
  • Extending the comment thread simply to have the last word (last doesn't mean best).
By all means, correct claims that are factually incorrect. But when you do, explicitly state what you are challenging. Quote it. Provide contrary evidence. Provide citations for that evidence to demonstrate it's not just your opinion. Then, let it rest. The longer you extend an argument, the smaller your chance of winning. If the facts are on your side, it's to your advantage to keep your side of the argument short. If the facts are not on your side, the more you say, the more foolish you sound.

As usual, comments are on. ;-)


Nathan Morgan said...


1. Anybody who claims not to lie is a liar. Saying somebody lies is not calling them a liar. Liar is perpetual. A single lie is an incident of dishonesty.

2. Not restating public knowledge is not concealing. Ignorance often often speaks louder.

3. Responding to incessant assertions of guilt in lieu of demands for response to absurdity is different than a reply to the the absurdity.

4. Bloviating and whining about not getting a response to off-topic, meaningless rhetoric is extending the comment thread simply to have the last word.

The court of public opinion does not reside on this blog. The content here is your instigation. Nobody invited McCalpin's vitriolic but indolent attacks. You simply allowed it. Pointing out the inanity comes with the meal. Swallow it or spit it out.

dc-tm said...

Almost 4 days with no comments from Bill. That is odd. :0)

Mark Steger said...

Commenting rules have been modified:

Comments are welcome, but please identify yourself.
Keep it courteous, keep it clean, keep it on topic,
and always advance the conversation.