Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laura Maczka, Uniter

Richardson Mayor Pro Tem Laura Maczka is already proving herself to be the best of Richardson's new City Council members at healing the divide in Richardson politics. She has drawn praise from backers of the defeated slate of candidates for attending a local tea party meeting and listening to their intense questions. In a City Council work session devoted to drawing up Goals for the 2011-2013 term, she spoke up for being proactive, not just reactive, about improving fiscal transparency and for supporting small business, both issues important to the campaigns of losing candidates. It's far from certain Maczka will be able to win over the hard-core anti-government faction in Richardson, but she's taking the right steps.

Honorable mention to Steve Mitchell, who also attended the tea party meeting and, in the work session, first expressed the desire to emphasize the goal of continuing to improve fiscal transparency.

P.S. The July 11 and July 18 work sessions are great examples of how writing vision/mission/goal statements by committee results in verbosity.

P.P.S. Advice to city council: When reviewing the near-term action items colored "done," it's embarrassing when no one can remember exactly *what* was done.

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