Monday, April 26, 2010

How Do RISD Schools Rank?

For years, the non-profit organization Children At Risk has sought to "improve the quality of life for children across Texas through strategic research, public policy analysis, education, collaboration and advocacy." As part of their mission, they've collected data on almost all public schools in Texas. Now, The Texas Tribune makes that data available and easily accessible.

"Using the Children At Risk data, The Texas Tribune has built a searchable database to help parents judge schools and help educators and policy makers examine the relative performance of groups of schools and districts. And we've constructed a detailed page for each school, separately laying out the data used to compute the rankings of more than 5,800 campuses."

After the jump, what the data tells us about Richardson ISD schools.

How do the Richardson ISD schools rank? Not too badly, in fact. See for yourself.

Out of 1,018 high schools in the state rankings, the four RISD high schools rank 55 (JJ Pearce), 116 (Richardson), 150 (Berkner) and 294 (Lake Highlands). The junior highs rank 36-701 out of 1720 middle schools in the database. The elementary schools rank 11-2890 out of 3126 elementary schools in the database, with 36 of the 40 RISD elementary schools in the top 50% of all elementary schools and Brentfield (11), Stults Road (12) and Prairie Creek (14) ranking in the top twenty.

So, the next time you encounter a bright young student in Richardson, thank an RISD teacher.

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