Saturday, May 21, 2011

Betting Line On Richardson's Next Mayor

Richardson's City Council election is over, but the selection of the next mayor is still ahead. That's because Richardson's system of government has the mayor selected from among the seven council members by the council members themselves. After being sworn into office Monday evening, the new council's first order of business will be to select the next mayor from among their own ranks.

After the jump, The Wheel's betting line.

Listed in order of likelihood of being Richardson's next mayor, with the approximate odds:
  • Bob Townsend: 2-1. Currently Mayor Pro Tem. Most senior member of new council. Likely nearing the end of his career on council. Probably would enjoy capping it off with a term as mayor. Could be a consensus choice as a transitional figure between long-time mayor Gary Slagel and the new up-and-comers.

  • Amir Omar: 3-1. Standout! council! member! of! his! first! term! Successful in promoting Richardson and making a name for himself regionally (Tree North Texas). A strong choice if fellow council members believe he's ready for it (and the city is ready for him).

  • Mark Solomon: 5-1. Had a solid but undistinguished first term. Had a misstep or two in re-election campaign but still won a convincing victory over a strong opponent.

  • Steve Mitchell: 5-1. One term mayor (2007-2009), interrupting Gary Slagel's long service in that office. But that was controversial and the votes that made him mayor are no longer on the council.

  • Laura Maczka: 50-1. Ran an impressive campaign as a uniter. Led all contested candidates with 75% of the vote. Said she didn't feel qualified, as a first term council member, to be mayor.

  • Kendal Hartley: 60-1. Defeated a former city council member in the closest contested race. Said he didn't feel qualified, as a first term council member, to be mayor.

  • Scott Dunn: 70-1. Running unopposed, wasn't tested in election campaign for his first term. Wasn't reluctant to take sides in the PAC wars, which could be seen as divisive. Said he didn't feel qualified, as a first term council member, to be mayor.

By the way, according to the agenda of the May 23, 2011, City Council meeting, the selection of the mayor is the agenda item immediately following the swearing-in of the new council members, with no executive session in between. I know, I too am shocked by what this implies. An open discussion about who the council wants as Richardson's mayor? I guess we'll find out Monday evening.

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