Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All For Maczka In Place 4

Karl Voigtsberger owns the distinction of being the first contestant voted off this season's Richardson Idol. Has anything changed since that long ago first episode for the judges to regret that decision? (And by judges I mean, of course, me.)

Laura Maczka, on the other hand, probably holds the distinction of serving up the fewest targets for satire of any of the candidates during the six-week run of Richardson Idol. If it weren't for her funny name, she might not have earned a mention at all (and even that was only in contrast to another candidate who always points out his own "funny name"). Is it good or bad to be satire-proof?

After the jump, a final look at Place 4.

In that first show, Karl Voigtsberger's answer for blighted strip shopping centers and run-down rental homes was for the city to depend on the self interest of property owners not to let that happen. That set the tone for all of his answers. He was nothing if not consistent. Unfortunately, his rote libertarian approach was often as unrealistic as his solution for blighted shopping centers.

His campaign website doesn't offer any more complex thinking. And his website is depressing as well. The theme could be: It's Twilight in America. After the big, bold, bright "WELCOME" at the top, it's all Debbie Downer:

"As citizens of Richardson, we are experiencing difficult financial times, lack of confidence in City Hall, and a crisis in leadership. We must hold City Hall accountable as we face these realities and more. If you believe the system is broken and want to join with me in putting Richardson back on the right track, I would appreciate your support and vote for Richardson City Council, Place 4."

Why do libertarians tend to be this depressing? He sounds like a librarian telling people that all the copies of the popular books are checked out and, no, the library isn't going to buy any more, so why don't they just go up to the third floor and get one of the many copies of "Atlas Shrugged" that are always available?

Maczka, on the other hand, has always presented a positive, optimistic vision. Contrast Voigtsberger's campaign home page with Maczka's:

"Richardson was ... is ... and can continue to be a great community for families and businesses to call home. With a healthy respect and appreciation for the past, an open and fair mind to the present and a strong desire for continued success in the future, I am seeking election for Richardson City Council, Place 4!"

Maczka recognizes that fiscal responsibility is necessary for a prosperous city. She's also dedicated to economic growth and reinvestment, neighborhood revitalization, community outreach and engagement. The Richardson Idol judges got it right when they picked Maczka as one of the winners. I'm confident that on May 14 the voters will agree.

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