Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Municipal Court Building Naming

Food Lion
Food Lion

At Monday's work session, the Richardson City Council considered the possibility of adding an honorary name to the city's Municipal Court facility on Campbell Road. The city has in mind Ray Noah - former mayor, council member, municipal judge and DART board member. No argument from me. Still, it would be a shame not to explore the other possibilities just a little bit. What if Ray Noah declined the honor?

After the jump, some ideas for consideration.

We could recognize the history of Richardson's Municipal Court. The "Food Lion Food Court," anyone?

We could sell the naming rights. How about the "Fossil" or "Blue Cross" or "Cisco" Municipal Court? But if we go this route, let's not overlook the possibility of the "Charles W. Eisemann" Municipal Court. But be careful not to open it up to the highest bidder, lest we end up with something like the "Fuzzy Taco" Municipal Court.

We could recognize Richardson people and businesses with a rich association with legal affairs. How about the "Countrywide" or "WorldCom" or "Nortel" Municipal and Bankruptcy Court? Or, if you want to honor famous lawsuits against the city itself, maybe we could have "Zone d'Erotica" Pubic Court or the "William Gordon" Moot Court?

The timing of the matter is fortuitous, with Mayor Gary Slagel retiring after 24 years on Richardson's City Council. If the city wanted to show how little success its critics have had in overturning the ruling order, the city could name the building after Richardson's own long-serving king of the jungle -- the "Gary A. Slagel" Municipal Court. We could even drag out those old Food Lion statues again and repurpose them.

Nominations are open.

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