Saturday, April 16, 2011

City Council Election Quiz

This quiz is about the May 14 Richardson City Council election. It has three questions. Take your time.

  • Question: The tweets below were all posted at almost the exact same time. Which one's timing was most likely just accidental that it was simultaneous to the others?

    RCA Tweets

  • Two-part Question: Who is the real voice behind these candidates? And, if the candidates are willing to turn their Twitter accounts over to him or her, what else are they willing to turn over?

  • Essay Question: If you are not yet on the city council, you are not yet bound by the Texas Open Meetings Act. Still, if open and transparent government is a key goal of your election campaign, would you feel at least a moral obligation to be open and transparent with the electorate about schedules, agendas and minutes of any meetings you have with four other candidates -- a potential quorum and majority on the new city council you are all running for? Why or why not? Discuss. (For bonus points, include in your discussion the concept of a "walking quorum.")

Grading will be on a curve.

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