Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Letter From Andrew Laska

In a series of emails, Richardson resident Andrew Laska is offering his opinions about the May 14 Richardson city council election. I published the first such email here. Now, he's written another. I won't republish each of his epistles, but I may comment occasionally.

After the jump, one of my occasional comments.

Laska argues that Richardson's growth a half century ago wasn't primarily because of urbanites fleeing Dallas for the suburbs. Richardson grew because of people coming from all over the United States to work for businesses like Texas Instruments and Collins Radio. (Full disclosure: count me in that class.) Where other first tier suburbs were more dependent on jobs in the central city, Richardson benefited from having both jobs and land for new homeowners. Laska urges the city to resist the calls for a return to a supposed Golden Age as a post-war suburban bedroom community, a past that was never completely accurate to begin with and is the wrong vision for the future. Laska urges the city to maintain the forward-looking attitude it adopted in the '50s and '60s and has kept ever since.

All that is background for Laska's commentary to come on this year's council elections. It's a background that I think accurately describes Richardson's history and is on target for setting future priorities.

Readers who want to follow Laska's opinions should either subscribe to his mailing list or bookmark his email archive.

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