Friday, January 28, 2011

Stopping Devious Nuns From Voting

As near as I can follow the logic for needing to spend $2 million to require photo ID to vote in Texas, it has something to do with stopping devious nuns in Indiana from voting. At least, that's what I think the expert called in to testify on the bill's behalf said, according to this story in The Austin American-Statesman.

"Despite the criticism of the Texas bill, Jerry Bonnet, chief legal counsel for the Indiana secretary of state's office, testified that his state's voter ID law has not hampered turnout or prevented legal voters from casting ballots.

Van de Putte questioned Bonnet about reports that some Indiana nuns were not allowed to vote. One group of women from a convent, most in their 80s, were turned away because they did not have required photo IDs, she said. Bonnet said they refused to present valid IDs and hinted that the situation might have been a publicity stunt.

'So they were devious nuns?' Van de Putte asked.
'Yes,' Bonnet responded."

Oh, and that $2 million? Don't worry. The bill's author, Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) says federal money will cover that. You see, federal money is someone else's money. Texas legislators don't have to be good stewards of that.

By the way, the Texas bill won't even catch any 80 year old devious nuns in Texas. You see, there's an exception for people who are older than 70. How they prove they are older than 70 unless they show their photo ID is unexplained.

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