Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding Out Who John Jay Myers Is

Recently, I blogged about why Pete Sessions will win the November election for US House District 32. One of his opponents, Libertarian Party candidate John Jay Myers, replied to my blog comments. With his permission, I reproduce his reply after the jump.


Thanks for your insight into the District 32 race. I look at any press as a chance that one more person will hear from me.

I do not court Republicans or Democrats directly, I do believe Republicans to be authoritarian, and I find the economic policies espoused by democrats to be shocking.

My target audience is those who are completely fed up with either of these options. Those that don’t want another George Bush and those that don’t want the country to turn into Greece. So just about all independents, Libertarians, and disgruntled members of the aforementioned parties.

So if someone takes offense to what I am saying, they are probably not going to vote for me.

I am not sure if you have kept up with Grier’s website, at one point he had an issues page. His issues page was so laughable he had to take it down. His issue page was similar to “I like things that are good, if you like things are good you should vote for me”, “I don’t like things that are bad, I will not vote for bad things”. It was ridiculous.

Please feel free to check his website; he has no issue page. So at least I am willing to stand up for some sort of principle.

Does my web presence seem to be saying “Let someone else do it”? I think it says “start doing for yourself”.

I do believe that our government is corrupt, there is no doubt, which is why I don’t want more of it.

Our endless Wars on things are always a failure. The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, all disasters.

I would gladly debate Mr. Raggio, I have even contacted his campaign and asked to set something up.....twice.

Yet still no takers. I believe the reason he will not debate me is because he would have to take some sort of stand on at least one issue, which he doesn’t appear to want to do.

Thank you for your coverage. At least it will give people a chance to find out who I am and decide for themselves.

John Jay Myers

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