Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barack Obama Wannabe Stefani Carter

Barack Obama / Stefani Carter
Barack Obama / Stefani Carter

Young, bright, Harvard-educated, African-American candidate for the state legislature. What once described Barack Obama in Illinois is now being appropriated by none other than a north Texas Republican candidate for the Texas legislature. And if the biography isn't enough to get voters to see a little Barack Obama in you, how about lifting lines and ideas right from Barack Obama's keynote address to the 2004 Democratic Convention, the speech that launched his national career?

After the jump, look who's riding Obama's coattails?

Stefani Carter, GOP candidate for House District 102, facing incumbent Democrat Carol Kent in this fall's election, has decided that getting the voters to see a little of that Kenyan Muslim socialist Barack Obama in yourself might just be a good campaign strategy, even in north Texas. At least, that's one way to look at Stefani Carter's stump speech, which bears an uncanny resemblance to certain lines from Barack Obama's famous 2004 speech. Besides drawing subliminal parallels to Barack Obama, Stefani Carter pads her resume in subtle ways as well. Oh well, the GOP criticized Barack Obama for being inexperienced. Maybe by padding her resume, Carter thinks she's drawing yet another parallel in that she doesn't have much experience either. Who knows, maybe by October she'll be claiming her middle name is Hussein. Listen for yourself.

Kudos to FrontBurner's Tim Rogers for digging up the connection between Stefani Carter and political PR firm Murphy Turner Associates. You might remember Murphy Turner's mailers from past elections for clients such as the Richardson Coalition and Angie Chen Button. In 2008, Mike Anderson, a candidate for House District 101 in Mesquite, was accused of plagiarizing from one of Angie Chen Button's campaign mailers. Button was a client of Murphy Turner. Anderson admitted to having the same advisers as Button, but denied plagiarizing. Stefani Carter denies plagiarizing, too. Maybe Stefani Carter uses Murphy Turner for the same reason Angie Chen Button does, because "these guys are winners." Just like Barack Obama.

For a look back at the GOP primary that won Stefani Carter the GOP nomination, look here.

For a look back at Murphy Turner Associates, the 2009 "Pollie Award" winner for "Best Use of Negative/Contrast," look here.

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