Friday, May 28, 2010

Around Town: Pokeweed

What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?

Each night, at the end of "The Late Late Show," there's a little jingle that asks host Craig Ferguson, "What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?" And Craig, with his feet up on his desk and his coiled-snake coffee cup in hand, reviews the lessons learned.

After the jump, "What did we learn on the blogs this week, Mark?"

Maggie May taught us about pokeweed, a versatile plant good for everything from arthritis relief to war paint. But the best gem Maggie May dug up was a photograph from 1934 showing a Gulf filling station in downtown Richardson. That just might tie in nicely with something I hope to learn about next week.

Destiny's maternal instincts kicked into overdrive after seeing the documentary "Babies," teaching men that, for women, there's a more powerful aphrodisiac than beer on date night. But the consequence is more powerful than a hangover, too, so beware.

That's about all we learned on the blogs this week, Mark. Other sources were pretty quiet. Next week, I hope to learn about Amir Omar's new history project that he's been teasing us with. And maybe something about what the City of Richardson and the NTMWD are cooking up regarding that Lookout Drive Transfer Station.

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