Monday, May 24, 2010

83 And Under

Restaurant Scores

The Health Department of the City of Richardson conducts inspections of restaurants on a regular basis. The department publishes the results for all to see. According to the city, "Scores are based on a scale of zero to 100. A score of 90 to 100 is excellent; 80 to 89 is good; 70 to 79 is acceptable; and 60 to 69 is marginal." According to the latest ratings, all of the restaurants in Richardson are acceptable or better. Most are good or even excellent. Dozens achieved a perfect 100 score.

After the jump, a list of under achievers.

Restaurants in the list below are under achievers. They are the restaurants rated 83 and below on their latest inspection. Why 83? That's still "good" in the city's estimation. But it's lower than the scores for hundreds of other restaurants in the city of Richardson. It's a score that should encourage you to do better. Why not excellence for everyone? It's not impossible. More restaurants scored a perfect 100 than are on this list.

Only two of these restaurants are on my own personal regular rotation of eating places. Sad to say, they will be taken out of that rotation until their next inspections show they can do better.

How do your favorite eating places stack up? How many are on this list of under-achievers?

Inspection DateRestaurantAddressScore
4/22/2010Spring Creek B.B.Q.270 N Central Expy83
3/29/2010Chien Garden1144 N Plano Rd #12183
2/25/2010Genroku Sushi & Grill400 N Greenville Ave 883
2/24/2010Jumbo Super Buffet730 W Spring Valley Rd83
1/26/2010Huong Ly Restaurant400 N Greenville Ave #2083
1/21/2010Thaisoon Restaurant101 S Coit Rd #40183
1/18/2010Cajun Corner Seafood Kitchen1600 N Plano Rd #80083
5/17/2010Joy Kitchen1455 Buckingham Sq#11282
3/4/2010La Cuisine Cafe1500 N Greenville 11082
2/22/2010Cappucino Italian Bistro1310 W Campbell Rd 13582
2/1/2010First Chinese B.B.Q.111 S Greenville Ave82
1/11/2010Kirin Court Restaurant221 W Polk St 20182
1/5/2010Southern Recipe Cafe1381 W Campbell Rd82
12/8/2009Tapioca House400 N Greenville Ave82
4/29/2010Caravelle Restaurant400 N Greenville Ave 1681
4/26/2010Dos Charros108 Univ Vlg S/C81
4/14/2010Chase Place1724 E Belt Line Rd81
5/19/2010Yum Yum Greek Restaurant141 N Plano Rd80
5/11/2010Chameli Restaurant201 S Greenville Ave #20380
2/3/2010Docs Food Store635 W Campbell Rd #20080
1/21/2010Grand Cafe1887 N Plano Rd80
2/17/2010Orb Night Club Inc.807 S Central Expy79
2/1/2010Chilli Pepper Deli236 E. Spring Valley Road79
1/21/2010Noodle Wave1490 W Spring Valley Rd79
1/12/2010Burger Island 2525 W Arapaho Rd 879
1/19/2010Madras Pavilion101 S Coit Rd #35978
11/3/2009Bollywood Video/Asia Grocery520 Lockwood Dr78
2/22/2010Main Steet Bistro & Bakery3600 Shire Blvd #10077
1/27/2010Pho Tay Do1403 E Campbell Rd #10476
3/25/2010EZ Shop #8504 W Arapaho Rd75
1/14/2010Holiday Inn Select1655 N Central Expy75
1/18/2010Pho Pasteur Restaurant1342 E Belt Line Rd73

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