Monday, March 8, 2010

Sex Education Could Get Interesting in RISD

Jennifer Najera Hague
Jennifer Najera Hague

Monday was the last day to file to run for any of the three seats on the Richardson ISD (RISD) school board up for election May 8. And all three seats drew multiple candidates. Three of the candidates look like they could make the election one to watch.

After the jump, a first look at our potential new trustees.

According to Jeffrey Weiss of The Dallas Morning News Richardson blog, one of the candidates is William Gordon. The William Gordon I know of is a past losing school board and city council candidate who is currently suing the City of Richardson over the city council's use of closed-door meetings prior to a 2007 City Charter amendment authorizing such meetings for certain topics like personnel reviews and legal consultations.

Another of the candidates is an ESL facilitator Darryl Smyers, whom Weiss has not previously heard of. A Google search of "Darryl Smyers" turns up a "Smyersville" MySpace page for a Darryl who is (or was) an "ESL Instructional Coach" for the Dallas Independent School District. What's interesting about this Darryl is how he describes himself:

"I am a loser who loves music made by and created for other LOSERS. I like a lot of music that most folks wouldn't touch, all of it intense in it's [sic] own way."

This Darryl could liven up those stuffy school board meetings. But pair him with Jennifer Najera Hague, another candidate identified by The Dallas Morning News, and the RISD might just have to sell tickets to the school board meetings to control the attendance. A Google search of Jennifer Najera Hague turns up another MySpace page, this one for a University of North Texas graduate who is the author of a recently published book titled "Sex Marks the Spot." Jennifer's mood is classified as "adventurous" and her book is described this way:

"Sex Marks the Spot is sure to help couples rekindle their sexual spark and spontaneity by taking sex to new heights (sometimes literally) of ecstasy. Ranging from romantic mild to risque wild, the 69 locations come complete with erotic suggestions, playful illustrations, and space for readers to rate their rendezvous. Sex Marks the Spot shows readers how to leave their inhibitions in the bedroom -- and how to make the earth move in mind-blowing meeting spots whether that's a Ferris Wheel, a ski lift, golf course, or a shower. A saucy roadmap to sexploration, featuring 69 suggested locations for erotic adventure."

This Jennifer could offer some interesting ideas for a future sex ed curriculum in RISD, including facts that even most adults probably don't know, like this trivia from her MySpace blog:

"Did any of you know that vegetarians couldn't wear condoms? But now there is no worry because according to a recent article on AVN, 'vegan condoms are made without milk-based casein, which is commonly used in the creation of the safe-sex devices.' "

Now, I just might have the wrong William Gordon and the wrong Darryl Smyers and the wrong Jennifer Najera Hague. The people my Google searches turned up aren't the type you'd normally expect to see running for school board. Google sometimes leads to cases of mistaken identify, but if I've got the right persons, this year's school board candidate forum has the potential to be a lively meeting.

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Mark Steger said...

I regret my choice of headline. It was meant to be merely flippant. It was not meant to imply anything about Jennifer Najera Hague's positions on education curriculum.