Saturday, February 20, 2010

CCI: How Google Failed Me

"I will kill you, CCI." With just 20 characters (Twitter allowed him a generous 140), Ian McCann of The Dallas Morning News (@imccanntx) sent me scrambling to Google to figure out just WTF he was mad about. Here are the possibilities. Your guess is as good as mine.

  • Clinton Climate Initiative: Mad at the weather? No one has cabin fever that bad.
  • Canine Companions for Independence: Mad at his guide dog? Say it ain't so, Ian.
  • California Criminalistics Institute: You'd think they might be after Ian, not the other way around.
  • Custom Chrome, Inc.: I just can't picture Ian shooting up his tricked out Harley.
  • Component Concepts, Inc.: Maybe this "quality paintball maker" sent Ian got a defective batch.
  • CCI Ammunition: Another gun association. What's with the letters CCI anyway?
  • Center for Collective Intelligence: On Twitter? Who are we kidding?

I don't often say this, but this time Google failed me. Help me out someone. What's the CCI that Ian McCann wants to kill?

1 comment:

Mark Steger said...

Apparently, CCI is the publishing software used by The Dallas Morning News. I second Ian's desire to kill CCI, as I have shared the sentiment just being a reader of the DMN's Web site.